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iReady Frequently Asked Questions


·  Which web browser should be used while testing in iReady? Google Chrome (can be accessed through the bottom dock or by pressing F4 and locating the application)

·  What should I do if my screen freezes up? Restart the computer or shutdown the computer.

·  What should I do if restarting my computer doesn’t fix the problem? The classroom teacher or administrator will contact iReady.

·  What if my computer has a pop up requesting an update to something (Java, etc.)? Close the ad during the test.

·  Will my child be able to continue their individualized lessons? No, once the diagnostic test is made available, lessons will pause. They will resume when the test is completed.

·  Will the test allow my child to take a break? Yes! The test has built in “brain breaks”, but if you need to pause the test, it will allow them to begin again where they left off.

·  Will I be able to see my child’s score? Yes, you will see their score after they complete the test, and the score can also be accessed through the “My Progress” tab on iReady.