We hope this list will be of support if you are looking for services and resources in your community. Keep checking our website  wrestlingghosts.com  to see updated listings in Santa Monica and nationwide! Disclaimer: we do not endorse any of these providers. The following providers are those who reached out to us and filled out our provider form. Please make sure you do your own due-diligence before choosing a provider and making sure they’re right for you.

Parenting Classes & Other Coaching/Training

Echo Parenting & Education                                                                                                      www.echotraining.org        

Louise Godbold - CEO of Echo Parenting & Education                                                    lgodbold@echotraining.org 

Echo Parenting provides parenting classes and professional development trainings that draw from the latest scientific research on brain and child development, as well as the effects of childhood toxic stress.

Origins Training                                                                                www.originstraining.org

Andi Fetzner - Co-Founder, Origins Training                                                   andi.fetzner@originstraining.org           

Andi Fetzner M.S. is a partner with Origins Training & Consulting. She earned her BA in Political Science, MS in Community Counseling, and is working toward her Doctorate of Psychology.


The Los Angeles Therapy Network                                                        www.latherapynetwork.com

Cynthia Hendrie, Founder and Director                                                                                cyndie@latngroup.com

As a team of therapists with diverse specialties, LATN prides themselves in being a solid and nurturing resource for those trying to recover and/or process the many facets of their emotional lives.

Brian Coughlin                                                                                                                  bkcoughlin@gmail.com     

Brian is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been counseling people in crisis since 2000.  It has always been his goal to help people reach their full potential.

Elena Gonzalez                                                                                                eglcsw@aol.com       

Elena integrates trauma informed, body-based approaches. She specializes in working with adults, children and families, including working with mothers and infants in the perinatal and postpartum period as well as couples and families locked in conflict.

Shannon Kalberg                                                                           shannon.kalberg@gmail.com         

Shannon is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She specializes in treating complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) utilizing an EMDR approach, childhood trauma, couples/relationships, and families.

Evo Health and Wellness                                                                    www.evohealthandwellness.com           

Kooroosh Rassekh                                                                                                       koroosh@evohw.com

Koorosh founded Evo Health and Wellness with the vision to break the stigma around mental health and create a world of healthier people, families, and communities.

Susan Zinn                                                                                              susanzinntherapy@gmail.com     

Susan is a licensed psychotherapist in California and New York, and maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, California. She has a special interest in working with teenagers, young adults, and women.

EMDR Therapists

Natalia Boucher                                                                          natalia@nataliaboucher.com           

Natalia is a bilingual (Spanish- English) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Santa Monica. She encourages her clients to explore their past. She uses EMDR therapy to help clients who struggle with disturbing memories.

Natalie Kazarian                                                                           nataliekazarianmft@gmail.com        

Natalie is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Monica. She works with all ages, and specializes in the treatment of developmental trauma, using EMDR therapy.                     

Neurofeedback Specialists

Laure Melton                                                                                                  somaticpractice@icloud.com        

Laura Melton, CMP, SEP, CATC, facilitates Trauma Resiliency education and process groups at Cri Help, Inc. in North Hollywood, and individual Somatic Experiencing sessions at Reconnect Comprehensive Trauma Treatment.                             

The Balanced Brain Neurofeedback Center                                                   www.thebalancedbrain.com        Susan Smiley                                                                              susan.smiley7@gmail.com        

Susan helps clients resolve early life trauma through the use of neurofeedback, which gently and over time changes the way neural networks are wired, toward more optimal ways of functioning.