Aerosol Treatment

You will need the following supplies:

Where should the nebulizer be used or placed?

How do I administer treatment to my child?

Preparing treatment        Preparing Treatment

Child with Nebulizer     Nebulizer Mist     

After each treatment:

After the last treatment of the day:

How do I clean & Disinfect the Nebulizer?

Every third day after washing the equipment:

How do I store the equipment?



Medicine storage

If your family plans to continue aerosol treatment for your child at home, arrangements should be made to ensure that your child and family are able to complete all aspects of treatment safely and appropriately.

Anyone (i.e. child’s family member, guardian, or caregiver) administering Aerosol Treatment to your child including the parent should be able to demonstrate the following:

  1. Proper use and understanding of aerosol delivery device and delivery technique.
  2. Proper assembly, cleaning and care of aerosol delivery device and medication preparation.
  3. An understanding of medication purpose, dosage, indication and side effects
  4. Ability to alter medication as needed
  5. Knowledge of when to report to healthcare prescriber.

You should contact a healthcare provider when:

  1. Your Child’s respiratory status (i.e. breathing rhythm) does not improve after treatment
  2. Child exhibit side effect of medication administration