Metamorphoses Cast List

All cast must enroll for a minimum of 1 unit in Theater 181, section 2. You will receive the CN in an email shortly.


Dear Actors:


Thank you all for the splendid work you did at call-backs.  It was a privilege and a pleasure to spend time working with you.


The following actors have been cast in the ensemble of Metamorphoses:


Yohana Ansari-Thomas

Joe Ayers

Peyton Bradley

Theodore Foley

Samira Mariama Hamid

Narges Khalehoghli

Farryl Lawson

Tri Le

Zac Nachbar-Seckel

Ivan Oyarzabal

Alexander Espinosa Pieb

Claire Pearson

Verity Pinter

Shauna Satnick

Stephanie Toussaint


You will receive further information about design presentations and first read-through, which will be held on Monday evening. Specific roles will be assigned at that time.


I look forward to our work together on this extraordinary production.