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Grain of Rice Academy

Teacher Job Description:


Grain of Rice Academy will serve students in grades kindergarten through second with sequential grades being added after each school year. The school will consist of one class per grade level with two co-teachers per classroom, one Kenyan and one American.  Class sizes will range from 25 to 30 students per class.  Grain of Rice Academy will be located 30 minutes from Nanyuki, Kenya and 4 ½ hours from Nairobi, Kenya.  The school year will operate on a January to November schedule, with the months of April, August, and December off for end term breaks.  There will be a mandatory one week staff development held during each break.  There will also be introductory teacher training and cultural awareness training held in the U.S. beginning in October of 2020.

The primary (elementary) teacher shall nurture a love of learning amongst students primarily from underprivileged backgrounds.   The teacher is responsible for planning and implementing engaging lessons that encourage hands-on learning in these subjects: English/Literacy, Math, Environment, Hygiene and Nutrition, Bible, Art, Music, and PE. The teacher promotes the physical, mental, spiritual, and social development of each child in his or her classroom. The teacher demonstrates Christian character and a close relationship with Jesus Christ.  All teachers at Grain of Rice Academy serve in team teaching roles alongside Kenyan staff to provide high quality instruction that connects across cultures.  


Bachelor’s degree in education (elementary or middle school is preferred).  

Prior teaching experience is preferred but not required.

Two year commitment beginning in November 2020

(If desired: teachers may travel back to the States over Christmas breaks and may travel around Kenya during other breaks at their own expense.)  



Successful candidates will be:


        -design and implement hands-on, critical thinking lessons with co-teacher

        -integrate content areas with STEM and fine arts

        -provide real world application of literacy

        -utilize and integrate technology into lessons

-model a biblical worldview including an emphasis on honesty and trustworthiness to               students and parents

-plan and supervise field trips and class projects

-maintain accurate and confidential student records

        -discuss student progress

        -hold parent teacher conference

        -relay school expectations and activities

        -promote positive classroom management that reinforces Christian principles

-help students learn and accept personal responsibility and respect for fellow students

-participate in village and community activities

-share stories and updates with personal donors, churches, and organizations while in Kenya and while home during breaks.


All American teaching and administrative positions at Grain of Rice Academy are missionary positions. Teachers are asked to make a minimum 2 year commitment to the position.  Housing, internet, and partial meals will be provided on site at the school campus.  Candidates will need to raise funds for travel, food, health insurance, and other basic living costs. For more information please contact Amy Ahiga:

Interested candidates shall submit a cover letter and resume to