Introduction to Coding in the Elementary Grades

with Julie Millan @jsm2272

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Minds On

Understanding programming and coding in the Elementary Grades

Learning Goals

  • Become familiar with what Coding can look like in the Elementary Grades
  • Consider how you can introduce elements of coding into your classrooms
  • Use block coding to create an object
  • Access additional resources and support

What is the SAMR Model?

What is Computer Science?

What is coding with Scratch?

Scratch Example:


Create and construct new knowledge of block coding (Scratch)

Your Choice

Hour of Code Activities (Elementary Tab)

Google CS First Site

Use Scratch (Online or Software)

Hour of Code Site (Elementary Tab)

Select one of the web-based activities through Hour of Code

  • Great place to start for beginners

CS First

  • Click on “Students: Try Now!”
  • Do the High Seas Activity First. Watch every video.
  • Then you can choose any one of the activities to work through

Scratch  Go to or open the software on your computer

  • Select CREATE and follow the Step-by-Step Guide
  • Scratch Resources

Getting Started with Scratch 2.0

Scratch Cards

Scratch Video Tutorials

Scratch Jr (iPad App)

For instructions for working with Scratch Jr visit

Reflecting on learning (e.g., highlighting key concepts, assessing learning)

Discussion questions: