December 2018  | ISSUE 24


Global Trends and Issues with Artificial Intelligence and Patents

By: Vincent Bergeron, ROBIC LLP

Lessons From the Lion City: Singapore Shows Why Australia Should Reject the Doctrine of Equivalents

By: Brendan Nugent, Michael Buck IP

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By: Vincent Bergeron, ROBIC LLP

According to Adobe’s 2018 Digital Trends report, only 15% of businesses currently use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their day-to-day operations. However, 31% have stated that they plan to incorporate AI in their daily operations within the next 12 months1. Offering the chance to significantly reduce the human-hours required for a job, such as time spent performing administrative tasks, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses operate across a large spectrum of industries.

In addition to being a buzzword these days, AI is a vast area of computer science that groups several computational techniques, such as machine learning and deep learning, using neural networks. Contrary to popular belief, this field of science has actually existed for a long time. Recent advances in hardware and software capabilities and the ever-increasing quantity of available data to be crunched have led to a massive increase in the development of AI-related technologies in the last few years.

However, the implementation of AI comes with quite a few challenges in the legal field, notably with respect to protecting AI innovation through intellectual property and patents. In Canada, a major challenge to the patenting of AI technologies is how to frame them so that they fit within the definition of an “invention” according to the Canadian Patent Act ...

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By: Brendan Nugent, Michael Buck IP

The 2017 decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom (UK) in the case of Actavis v Lilly1 marked a quantum shift in the patent law of that country. While Australian law has diverged significantly from UK law over the past 40 years, could an Australian Court take a similar approach?


The UK Case

The claims of Eli Lilly’s patent define a combination therapy of an anti-cancer agent, pemetrexed, and vitamin B12 which is said to be effective in the treatment of cancer but exhibits reduced toxicity compared to administration of pemetrexed alone. The claims cover only a single and specific salt of pemetrexed, pemetrexed disodium. Actavis developed products containing either pemetrexed diacid or different pemetrexed salts (pemetrexed dipotassium and pemetrexed ditromethamine). In finding that the Actavis products infringed Lilly's patent despite the difference, the Supreme Court effectively introduced...

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Felix Klopmeier Receives Interlaw’s “2018 Interlawyer of the Year” Award

AIPF congratulates Felix Klopmeier, Partner at Lang & Rahmann and AIPF Board Member, on receiving Interlaw’s “2018 Interlawyer of the Year” Award for his leadership of next generation lawyers. For more information, please click here.

Ricardo A. Antequera H. Exposes the Panorama of the Pharmaceutical Industry in the Field of Intellectual Property in Venezuela at the PTMG Annual Conference

Ricardo A. Antequera H, Managing Partner of Antequera Parilli & Rodríguez (AP&R), participated as an exhibitor at the 97th conference of Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group (PTMG) held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, during the first week of October 2018.

PTMG, a non-profit organization, founded in 1970 in England, is an important association of the pharmaceutical industry that deals –exclusively– with the interests and needs related to IP, on an international... For more information, please click here.


Seven Attorneys Recognized by Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers

AIPF congratulates Adam Seitz, Eric Buresh, Michelle Marriott, Jason Mudd, Marshall Honeyman, Carrie Bader, and Megan Redmond from Erise IP for their recognition as “Super Lawyers” and “Rising Stars” in Thomson Reuter’s Super Lawyers guide. For more information, please click here.



Proper Trademark Protection Begins Before Use and Before USPTO Application: Clearance Search and Analysis

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December 3 by Erik Pelton

Patent Strategies for Beta Testing: Leveraging Provisional Patent Applications to Preserve Patent Rights for Beta Features

BoMc’s Patent Counseling Blog

November 7 by Aaron Johnson

Petitioner Should Discuss the Prosecution History of all Relevant Related Patents when Arguing that an Issue was Not Previously Considered by the Office

Patent Office Trials Blog

October 11 by Sughrue Mion PLLC Team


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