Suburban Acres Civic League

Minutes for General Meeting Held on: July 9, 2018

Prepared by:  Peter Beznoska

Meeting called to order by Louis Gabriel, President, at 6:40 PM, followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

New Neighbor Report: 3 new neighbors

Community Resource Officer Report: Given by Officer William Old, Norfolk PD

Incidents to report/Discussion Items:

-Expensive bikes stolen on Galveston and Suburban Arch.  Norfolk PD urges neighbors to get the serial numbers off of items such as bikes so they can be cross-referenced by the police when incidents occur.  Neighbors can also get bike registration stickers from the city in lieu of serial numbers.

-Continued shoplifting issues occuring at Harris Teeter.  All incidents have been cleared by arrest.

-Member concerns included stop sign enforcement on Virginian Drive and cars parked the wrong direction on Granby Park.


-4th of July parade recap and summary. President Louis Gabriel announced the winners of the contests and thanked the many contributors and attendees of the event.  Special thanks given to all members who coordinated the picnic, Fire stations 9 & 12, Tinee Giant, Mayor Kenny Alexander, Sheriff Joe Baron, City Councilwoman Andria McClellan, and Matt Adams.

-Adopt-a-Spot Neighborhood clean up scheduled for Aug 18th at 9 AM.  Meet at Suburban Park Elementary.

-Need volunteers for various committees.

-Honda of Norfolk accepts old electronics, oil and other recyclables.

-Reminder to members to sign up for  See Louis Gabriel for details if needed.

-Next meeting will be held at Norfolk Collegiate on August 13th.  Speaker will be Elaine Luria, Democrat running for the 2nd Congressional District, currently held by Scott Taylor.  Alternative dates are being considered for a visit from a representative from Scott Taylor’s office.  There will be no candidate forum in October.

-Thank you to Member Dave Moeller for providing the food for this month’s meeting.

Committee Reports:

Membership: 7 new members from parade, 1 from meeting.

Treasurer: not present to provide report

Neighborhood Watch: nothing to report.

Wards Corner Task Force: Only a couple folks from the neighborhood attended the redevelopment study meeting in June.  The vision for WC relies relatively heavily on potential redevelopment of the Kroger, Farm Fresh and Dalis properties.  The city has to wait until the owners decide to sell or redevelop.  The vision for the area is a more walkable downtown-style area with stores closer to the streets and wide sidewalks.  It is extremely unlikely that light rail goes through Wards Corner.

Bike Lane Plan Update on Granby Corridor to OV:  There wasn’t a lot of public input into the city’s 2014 bike lane plan.  Member Karen Maybe introduced the idea of developing a working group with other local civic leagues to generate a coordinated set of feedback for the city on their Granby street plan.

Guest Speaker: Michael Sternberg, Lawyer with Brian A.Thomason, P.L.C

Mr. Sternberg took the members through a variety of legal topics, including: Wills, Advance Medical Directives, and Power of Attorney.  Members also discussed will and power of attorney considerations in the event of divorce or separation, as well as the importance of finding someone you trust to be the executor of Wills and POAs.  Member questions and concerns included the best way to find a lawyer, the average price of generating wills and documents and the pros and cons of using DIY services, such as LegalZoom.

Old Business: None

New Business None

President Gabriel also highlighted  the events and festivals occurring throughout the summer at Ocean View and encouraged members to consider those.  Many details posted in the most recent SACL newsletter