V-Awards for Youth

Volunteer For Change


Last Date Extended till 20th October 2018

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For clarity of actions, here is a list of common questions, problems and queries with their answers. We may modify or revise these at any time by updating this page. Applicants should check this page periodically to review any changes.

What is V- Awards?

With a strong belief that by recognizing and rewarding young volunteers who have been working towards addressing social issues, V-Awards  will recognise dedicated youth volunteers in India who are doing transformative work for the communities and contributing significantly to the nation building through volunteering.

Who can participate?

This awards programme is dedicated to all young volunteers in the age group of 16-29 years who have worked towards community development.

 Am I a Volunteer?

Every day, millions of individuals across the planet engage in development initiatives through volunteer actions – both large and small – in order to improve conditions for others and for themselves, their families and communities. If you have been working towards bringing change in your society and have volunteered in the four categories: then you are a volunteer

1. Institutions/Colleges (NSS,NYKS,CSOs)

2. NGOs

3. Community (Working directly with a certain community.)

4. Social entrepreneurs

What are the objectives of V-Awards?

​Recognizing and rewarding  12 extraordinary youth leaders in the age group of 16-29 years who will get the opportunity to be a part of a enriching leadership journey which will be hosted and nurtured by some of the known youth based organisation of India who are also the consortium partners for the Award.

What are the criterias for applying?

The award will recognize young people who have volunteered in projects focusing on social and environmental justice.

  1. She/he must be a citizen of India.
  2. She/he must be between 16-29 years.
  3. She/he must have volunteered at least for 150 hours in a volunteering project spread over the past one year.
  4. Whose actions have included a meaningful engagement with communities.

Note: ​The number of volunteering hours will have to be vetted by the organization nominating the candidate. In case of social entrepreneur there can be a self –declaration.


What is the duration for the application process?

The application process date has been extended till 20th October 2018.

When will I find out if my entry has made the final?

Notifications will be sent out to all successful finalists by last week of October 2018. Through the  email address provided for contact on the nomination form.

Is there any cost to submit?

There is absolutely no cost involved in the participation.

How will my volunteer work be evaluated?

Once your application is submitted the work of any volunteer will be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. Impact
  2. Engagement
  3. Evidences
  4. References

Note:​ Keep all your resources ready before you start filling the application form.

When will the shortlist be announced?

The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the first week of November and it will also be highlighted in the V Awards website.

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced on 5th December 2018 - at the celebration of International Volunteers Day. .

How will the awards benefit me?

V-Awards is a platform to celebrate volunteerism and encourage the same in the long run. It is a prestigious award from United Nations Volunteer to appreciate volunteers contribution towards the society.

What are the nationalities which can apply for the award?

This award is only applicable to Indian residents working in India  

Will the work from home or online work will be counted?

Yes online volunteering will be counted. (we don’t know the criteria yet)


Will I be awarded financial?

There won’t be any monetary rewards for the winners. But the winners will go through a customized leadership journey which will be nurtured by known youth based organisation

I am not  on facebook or any social media. Is it okay?

Yes it is okay if you’re not on any social media platform. In this case we recommend you to keep a regular check on our Official Website for all necessary information.

How do I reach out to V-Awards team to ask queries?

You can reach out to V-Awards team by clicking “Contact Us” tab on the website or you can directly click on the hyperlink below.

How can I promote V-Awards?

If you are a Volunteer, you can promote V-Awards through your social media network by using the resources available on the website and also encourage your fellow volunteers to nominate themselves for the award. If you are an Organisation  Institute/College,NGO,Community or Social Entrepreneur), you can promote V-Awards on your website and social media platforms by using the resources available on the website and also nominate the volunteers in your organisation for the same. Kindly use the posters created by V-awards only. Your promotional act is highly appreciable.

I am unable to fill the application form. Can I receive assistance regarding this?

Yes, you can receive assistance regarding filling up the application form.

● You can write to us at info@vawards.in

● For live chat, go to the website and talk to us through our live chat window or directly send us a msg on our facebook and instagram page.

Unable to access the application form or interface issue?

We recommend you to use Google Chrome and Fast Internet connection. If you’re still facing any problem regarding application or interface.

● You can write to us at info@vawards.in

● For live chat, go to the website and talk to us through our live chat window or directly send us a msg on our facebook and instagram page.

Can I edit my response?

No, unfortunately you can’t edit your response once submitted. Also we would recommend you to prepare a doc file and save all your answers which you have submitted in the application form.

Selection Criteria In Brief:

The following are the criteria under which nominees will be judged.

1. Learning orientation- 

This includes commitment to unlearn and relearn. This includes taking ownership of self learning through various opportunities provided during and post award ceremony and actively be part of the cross-learning spaces. Some of the dimensions to consider under this would be:
        i.        Self-awareness
        ii.        Capacity for self-reflection
        iii.        Is there an identified learning agenda?

2. Motivation and commitment–

Motivation and commitment are two key elements of volunteering. Level of motivation, passion, and commitment. Is there any self-growth motive hinted by the applicant and the larger vision of bringing change or be a volunteer her/himself

3. Demonstrated passion irrespective of knowledge of any particular skill, it is critical that the individual should have passion to do something active and creative in their community/field area to create change.

4. Social Inclusion- Greater understanding on all aspects of inclusion along with demonstration   of the same through different means in the work done on field/community. How the applicants reaction to the experience of social exclusion and discrimination to her/his day to day life. Is there any direct linkage in terms of the idea/concept of the volunteering project and the experience of social exclusion or discrimination faced/witnessed by the applicant. Taking people along; strong spirit of collaboration

5. Change in the community- Positive influencing the communities engaged through the volunteering effort. Number of people reached out to. Depth of engagement with community. Change made in the minds of the people, culture of the space, nature of the system or a

process. Demonstrated evidence of a problem solved with examples and stories.  A written or video testimonial from member of the community.

6. Creativity and innovation – It’s always an added advantage if creativity and innovation is bought in the way individuals interact with community. Innovativeness and creativity.  Any Innovation or experiment that the person has tried out in the course of volunteering project