1. 12 teams

  2. 8 Regular season games + Single elimination playoff tournament

  3. Rosters are composed through the player registration link. Players are responsible to sign-up themselves up. After week 4, no changes can be made to the roster.

  4. Playoffs:

  1. All teams make playoffs. Top 4 teams earn a bye Round 1.

  2. Seedings: based on regular season record. Tie-breakers are based on strength of schedule.

  3. Eligibility: Players must play 2 regular season games.
  1. Teams should arrive 10 minutes early. Teams can warm up 5-10 minutes before tipoff.
  2. If a team does not have 5 players 10 minutes after proposed game-time, they may play with 4, but forfeit with 3. Exception: opposing team captains can approve of a sub to make a legit game.
  3. All players MUST have a number on the shirt/jersey.


  1. Clock: Two 20 minute halves. Clock only stops upon Time-outs, Official’s Request, and last 2 minutes of the game. If there is a 20+ point deficit, the clock continues will not stop in the last 2 minutes.

  2. Timeouts: Each team has 2 timeouts per half. Timeouts do not carry over. After the timeout, the team can advance the ball to half court.

  3. Scoring: 2 point FG’s, 3 point behind the arc, 1 point free throws, 2 point technical, flagrant, and unsportsmanlike fouls, 1 point on shooting fouls and non-offensive fouls after committing 5 team fouls in a half.

  4. Overtime: Three-minute period. One Time-out per team. The ball is awarded to the team with the possession arrow. Clock stops inside of 1 minute.

  1. FOULS

  1. Players are allowed 5 fouls before they foul-out

  2. Technical, flagrant, and unsportsmanlike fouls result in 2 points and the ball.
  3. Non-Shooting Fouls: 5 team fouls or less, team inbounds the ball; more than 5 fouls, team is awarded 1 point and the ball.

  4. Shooting Fouls: teams are awarded 1 point and awarded the ball IF the shot was not made.

  5. During Clock Stoppage Periods:

  1. Free Throws will be awarded instead of automatic points.

  2. Bonus = 6+ team fouls, player shoots 1-and-1.

  3. Double Bonus = 10+ team fouls, player shoots 2 free throws.

  4. Offensive fouls result in turnover of the ball