Q: Where can I store my bike?

A: ​Bikes cannot be inside the apartment. There is a covered bike pavilion out in the parking lot.  Bikes found locked up in the walkways may be confiscated.  The fire marshall does not allow it due to fire escape issues.


Q: When are check ins?

A: ​Check in dates are always the first day of your contract. They are determined by BYU-Idaho and outlined in their Housing Contracts which we use.  Check in times vary each semester.  Times are usually from 9 am - 5 pm on the first day of your contract and continue through the first week of school during regular office hours 1-5 pm.  Please refer to your move-in email for more specific info.

Q: Can I check­out late?

A: ​Contract dates are set by the school and we are obligated to follow them in regards to checking in and checking out. Late check­outs are not allowed. Please arrange all travel arrangements for the beginning and ending of your semester around these dates. Do not expect to be able to come early or stay late.


Q: When are clean checks?

A: ​Clean checks occur every 2 weeks, although the schedule may be changed around major holidays and at end of semesters.

Q: What are clean checks?

A: ​In order to maintain our apartments, encourage shared responsibility among roommates and additionally maintain a spirit filled apartment, we require clean checks every two weeks.  Job assignments are made between the roommates and a list of the 6 jobs and the sheets needed to fill out each week are posted in the hallway of your apartment. Management will come in and make sure the cleaning was done well. If cleaning was not completed, we require a re­check, which requires the job to be cleaned by the next day.  The tenant will be charged $5 for us to come back. Other penalties may occur for repeated neglect of their cleaning responsibilities.


Q: What are the dimensions of the hall closet?

A: ​See picture:

Q: What are the dimensions of Bedroom AB (front room)?

A: ​See picture:

Q: What are the dimensions of Bedroom CD(back room behind bathroom)?

A: ​See picture:

Q: What are the dimensions of Bedroom EF (back room behind kitchen)?

A: ​See picture:


Q: How long is my contract for?

A: Contract dates are determined by the school Housing Office.  If you are ever unsure of when a semester ends and begins, you can check out the Housing website on


Q: What if I signed up for more than one semester, but now I want to cancel some of them?

A: Tenants have up to 61 days before a contract begins to cancel their contract with a $100 cancellation fee. If a tenant cancels their contract less than 61 days before the semester begins there is a $150 cancellation fee (may be covered by your $150 deposit) and you will also be responsible for selling the remaining time on their contract to a suitable replacement.  If you have a future contract with us (after the one you cancel), none of the penalties/fees will apply except that YOU will need to sell your contract if it is past the 61 day deadline.


Q: How do I get the lowest rent price?

A: Always sign for a future semester before the previous semester begins.  It will help you save anywhere from $50-70 depending on the semester.  After the previous semester begins, the cost will go up partially until halfway through that semester when it will go up to the normal price.


Q: What furniture is included in the apartment?

A: There is a full size sofa, a loveseat, coffee table, side table and tv cabinet in the living room.  Within the kitchen is a table with 6 chairs.  In each bedroom is 2 beds (includes 4 drawers and a storage cubby) and a desk with a chair.  

Q: What are the dimensions of the drawers and cubby within the bed?

A: ​See picture:

Q: What are the dimensions of the desk storage space?

A: ​See picture:


Q: How fast is your internet?

A: ​The internet at La Jolla is fast enough for all tenants to regularly engage in everyday usage. We ask that anyone who has issues with the internet contact us.

Q: How do we connect to the internet?

A: To connect, use the password “onmyhonor”.  We have Wi­Fi routers distributed throughout the complex. While our internet is fast, Wi­Fi is always unpredictable because there are so many uncontrollable factors that can affect it. We HIGHLY suggest the following to help the internet experience for yourself and everyone around you:

Q: What do I do if the internet is cutting in and out?

A: Let us know immediately.  Please look at the list above and make sure you are informed.


Q: What items should I bring?

A: ​The apartment does come furnished, but you will still need to provide many other items for basic living.  I highly recommend coordinating with future roommates (once you receive your list of roommates or when you move in) before buying many of these items that can be used communally.  Here is a list we recommend:

Q: What cleaning supplies does La Jolla provide each apartment?

A: ​The only items La Jolla provides tenants to clean with is a vacuum cleaner.  Any other items that tenants may need to clean their apartment are the responsibility of the tenant to obtain.  A suggested list would contain: microfibers towels, mop with removable/washable microfiber pads, multipurpose cleaner (used for most surfaces and floor), glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, scrub cleaner (AJAX, scrubbing bubbles etc.) and a broom.  (Click here for a recommended list)

Q: What is a mattress cover and why do I need one?

A: ​All tenants are required to bring their own mattress cover as per the BYU-Idaho living standards. It does not need to zip, but needs to be large enough to cover the top and side of the mattress and fit like a fitted sheet. If you don't have a mattress cover by the first clean checks we can provide you with one for $25.

Q: Can I decorate my room/apartment?

A: ​Yes. However, no nails, screws, sticky tack, or command strips are allowed to be used on the walls. You may only use push pins, masking tape or painter’s tape. There are pre-drilled screws throughout the apartment that were installed for your use as well.


Q: What address should I send packages to?

A: ​Your address will be: 65 S 1st W Apt # Rexburg, ID 83440. ALWAYS give your apartment # to those sending you mail.

Q: Where does mail and packages go?

A: ​USPS letters and packages will be delivered to your mailbox that is located down next to the clubhouse. FedEx and UPS packages will be delivered to your apartment. 


Q: How do I get something fixed in the apartment?

A: ​ Mike is our full-time maintenance guy.  You can submit service requests through your resident portal and he will receive the request automatically.  He is extremely quick to respond.  If you are unsure how to do that, you can submit one through our website  Just be aware that those requests sit in our email inbox until we get into the office.  Once we do receive it we submit it to Mike, it just may have a bit of a delay.

Q: What unique things does Mike take care of for us?

A: ​ He will change batteries in smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detector and tv remotes.  In addition, he will replace vacuum bags if it is full.  Some vacuums can be emptied straight from the bag or the canister and so you should be able to take care of those on your own.  

Q: What maintenance items are we responsible for?

A: ​ Mike is happy to help with most issues that may occur in your apartment.  Here is a small list of items that you should be able to take care of on your own:


Q: How do I park at La Jolla?

A: ​ Parking permits are required to be on your car to park here.  Info about parking can be seen on our website when clicking the Parking Contract option. Selecting that you are bringing a car on your housing contract ​DOES NOT guarantee that you will have a spot. Always check with us to ensure you have a spot. Parking permits are dispersed based on the first people to sign a housing contract for that semester.  At check­ins you can pay for your pass and receive a parking permit to affix to the bumper of your car.

Q: Where can overnight visitors park at La Jolla?

A: ​ If you are able to come in during office hours, Monday-Friday, 1-5 pm, we can give you a Visitor’s Parking Pass.  That will allow them to park in our visitor spots overnight.  

If you can’t come in during those times, your visitors are able to park on the street outside of school hours, including the weekends, without a city U pass.  If it’s a weekday, just have them move their car from the street to our lot before 9 am on a school day to avoid getting a ticket.  

During the winter months, December 15-March 1, you cannot park on the street overnight, so please be sure to come in during office hours to get a pass.  Outside office hours, there is no guarantee we will be available to get one for you.  


Q: How do I make a payment?

A: ​Rent and parking permit fees are due at check ­ins for the semester you are attending. Payment with a credit/debit card can be made online through the website (processing fee applied), an e­check or ACH through your resident portal (free using your checking account information (see below for info)), or in the office with a check, money order or cashiers check. NO CASH ACCEPTED. If we are not in the office, you can drop your payment into our Rent Drop box outside the office

Q: What if I am using FAFSA to pay for rent, but I haven't received the money yet?

A:​ If you arrive for check­ins and haven't received your FAFSA money yet, please e­mail us a screenshot of the financial awards page on your myBYUI account showing your financial aid for the semester. However, if you haven't received your FAFSA by the Thursday following check ­in's, we do require a minimum payment. Otherwise you will receive a $50 late fee.  Please speak to us at check ins if you believe there will be a delay and we can give you the minimum payment info.


Q: What is the Resident Portal?

A: ​It is a great way to make payments, submit maintenance requests, and see the contracts you have with us. It is found within You should have received an email from EdgeCreek with a link to setup a password after you received your contract welcome email. You have 48 hours to use that link. If the link has expired, send us an email and we can reset it for you.


Q: When do we find out where we are living?

A: ​Roommate assignments will be sent out at least 2 weeks before the semester begins. When you filled out a contract at La Jolla you were asked to list any preferences. If these change throughout the semester(s) you live at La Jolla you are more than welcome to inform the manager and have that information updated.

Q: How do I reserve a specific bed?

A: ​Bed assignments are first come first serve. We only assign who is living in the apartment while actual bed assignments are decided amongst yourselves.


Q: How do I know which ward I am in/which people will be in it?

A: ​You can view your ward information at  BYU-Idaho website or by clicking here.

Q: What kind of events does La Jolla throw for tenants?

A: ​Follow us on social media to keep up with activities and fun. We always have one big event each semester as well as a few smaller ones. We love to interact with our tenants. Please check out our social media pages for more info.

Q: How is La Jolla connected through social media?

A: ​We have a FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM you can connect with us through.


Q: What is provided for the winter months?

A: ​The temperature control is found within the hallway of your apartment. We just like to remind tenants that heat rises, so if you are living on the second or third floor you probably won't need to turn your heat up as high.

Q: Can I install an air conditioner if it gets hot?

A: ​Yes, tenants are allowed to install portable air conditioning units in the warmer months beginning June 1. There is a $60 fee/unit and must be paid for by one of the roommates before you can receive authorization to install it. You can decide amongst yourselves how everyone else will pay for it. Once you receive approval, our maintenance manager will need to assist you in the installation of the unit to ensure safety and no damage is done to the property.


Q: How do we connect our own devices?

A: ​Any device you connect must be connected to the TV with your own cords.  That includes HDMI cords and composite cords.  


Q: How do I hang things in my apartment?

A: ​No nails, screws, sticky tack, or Command strips are allowed to be used on the walls. You may use push pins, masking tape or painters tape. There are pre-drilled screws throughout the apartment you can use as well.