Primary School Belief Statement

We Believe:

• children develop a foundation for lifelong learning through personal involvement in the  learning process and from enthusiasm projected by teachers and other adults

• children should be encouraged to value aesthetic experiences

• it is essential for all staff to have opportunities for professional development to keep educational practices current

• children have different learning styles and develop at individual rates

• a developmentally appropriate curriculum and diverse assessment strategies need to be researched and revised regularly

• children need opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom

• it is the responsibility of the family, the school, and community to share in the academic, social, emotional and physical development of each child

• students need to take responsibility for their own learning

• in encouraging responsible behavior, personal accountability,pride in accomplishments and civic contributions

• the school community is committed to developing critical thinking and problem solving skills in all students

• students need to be able to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with others