HOA Website Management

Policies and Procedures

The invoice for the website will be sent to the property manager once a year. We will refer to thepueblos.org as ”The Org site”. The ORG site is organized by folders and pages.

Residents’ Logon Ids

Residents may register themselves or be registered by the administrator.  Those who register themselves must be approved by someone with administrator level  privileges.  The administrator and the property manager IDs hold this level. The property manager approves residents as they have the most up to date list of owners and tenants.


As of this writing, “pages” on the ORG site are restricted as follows:

Security is granted at the Pages tab of the Dashboard.

  1. Log into PuelosHOA@google.com
  2. Go to DRIVE   by clicking on the icon shown. Then select DRIVE
  3. Go to the folder HOA Issue Reports
  4. Go to the form HOA Issue Report

  1. Click on the AddOns icon
  2. Click on "Form Publisher"
  3. Click on "Sharing Options and Notifications"
  4. Add the email accounts for Tom Bachman, Monika Wilson, and yourself.
  5. Click the pencil icon and change delivery to Send PDF
  6. Save and close.

Here is a video on how to add a recipient to the Issue Reporting system