FAQs for Parsons Students

 (Classes and Academics)  

Last updated: March 24, 4:00pm

This document outlining academic expectations and FAQs for Parsons students will be updated as more information becomes available.

For the latest and most comprehensive information from The New School, visit newschool.edu/coronavirus.



March 23- March 27: Alternative Teaching and Learning Week (regular classes do not meet)

March 30- End of Semester: Remote Instruction


Are classes continuing?  

Yes. All classes from March 30 until the semester will be conducted online. We recognize the high value of in-person, on-site delivery for many of our programs (studio, conservatory, and others). Our faculty and academic leaders are working rapidly to shift to modalities that will ensure we can meet the learning objectives of these programs as best as possible in this unprecedented situation.

How will Parsons ensure that students gain the appropriate studio skills?

Our priority is for learning to continue, so that this crisis will not interrupt our students' progress towards their degree. While the transition to remote learning is not the same as being face-to-face, we are nevertheless confident that we can deliver a high quality education to our students through remote learning. Fortunately, we have many faculty who are highly qualified in this way of teaching, with years of experience teaching studio coursework online.

For returning students, we are looking closely at our curriculum to ensure continuity of learning. So if a student's course this semester was oriented towards specific studio skills, for example, we might refocus the next several weeks on research and projects that can be done remotely, and move the specific studio skills and projects to the next course in the sequence.

For graduating students, we are additionally exploring some ways we might augment or extend services and access to facilities post-graduation. We are committed to providing support and exposure for your thesis/capstone work, and will reach out soon with further details.

Are Residence Halls open?

All but those with extenuating circumstances have been asked to move out of the Residence Halls. Kerrey Hall remains open. Our staff is continuing to support students through this disruption. Prorated refunds will be issued and emergency assistance will be provided for those experiencing hardship.

Are buildings open?

As of 7pm on March 24th all New School buildings will be closed until further notice. Any changes will be posted at www.newschool.edu/building-hours.

Is the Making Center open?

No. All Making Center spaces (including all labs, shops, and studios listed on the website) are closed through the end of the semester.

Can I borrow tools and equipment from Making Center shops to use off-campus?

No. Use of equipment, large and small, requires the support and supervision by a technical assistant or monitor. In order to protect the safety of students and Making Center staff, no equipment can be borrowed or used elsewhere.

I recently placed an order through the Making Center Store, but I was unable to pick it up. Will I be able to pick it up or receive a refund?

No. The Making Center Store is closed, all orders that were processed and not picked up will be refunded.

Can I go and retrieve my belongings and work stored in Making Center shops?

No. All Making Center spaces are currently inaccessible. Any items left in the space will remain safely stored.  Plans for access will be communicated at a later date, once we can ensure the safety of staff and people retrieving items.
If you have any specific concerns about items you have stored in a space, you can reach out to the manager of the space.

I still have Making Center Equipment checked out, will there be a penalty for late returns? No. There will be no penalty for items that could not be returned by the original return time due to the cancelation of all campus activities. Making Center staff will contact people with late checkouts at a later date to provide more information.

Can I return the equipment that was checked out from the Making Center before I leave campus?
No. Currently, all Making Center Staff are working remotely and are not able to receive equipement/tool returns. As we receive more information, Making Center staff will reach out to people with equipment to coordinate.  

Where can I apply for emergency financial assistance?

The New School’s Student Emergency Assistance Program provides currently enrolled students experiencing acute financial distress with one-time financial assistance. The Student Emergency Assistance Program cannot be used to cover tuition.

Is the Food Pantry open?

Due to university building closures, the New School food pantry is closed until further notice, but staff can be reached at foodpantry@newschool.edu if you need help finding food near you. Please see the following list for resources available in New York City:

Am I expected to attend class remotely during the Alternative Teaching and Learning Week (March 23-29)?

No. Regular New School classes will NOT be held online or onsite during this week (Exception: classes that have been taught online since the beginning of the semester may continue as scheduled).  Faculty may offer to meet with students remotely during office hours or encourage other ways to advance teaching and learning during this time, but classes will not meet, in person or online; and any meetings held that week will not count towards your grade.

Do I need to be on campus from March 23-29?

No. If previously assigned coursework requires use of New School facilities to be completed, instructors must provide students with an alternative or waive that assignment (or the relevant portion of the assignment).

Am I still responsible for class assignments, exams, or materials due as stated on the syllabus from March 23-29?

Students are expected to make progress on assigned work in their courses and to submit work that is due that week, although they are not required to do this work on-campus. Please contact your instructor for clarification.

How do I contact my instructor?  

Please email or call your instructor using the contact information on your syllabus. If you are unable to reach your instructor, please call or email your instructor’s academic department.

What should I do if I do not have access to a computer or high-speed internet and can’t attend my classes remotely?

Please fill out the digital access survey immediately to let us know of your hardware, software, and internet access. Charter Spectrum has announced it will offer free access to broadband and WiFi services to households with students. The company will also waive installation fees for student households. To enroll in the service call 1-844-488-8395. Comcast has announced two free months of Internet service for low-income families.

When will my class meet? How does attendance work for an online class?  

Class times will remain the same, and students are expected to participate as they normally would unless instructors make other arrangements.  

What can I expect from my online classes?

In online learning, some classes meet together at set times, others will require independent tasks throughout the week. It is important to communicate with your faculty about the expectations of each course. Attendance and participation are central elements of online classes and your submission of work on time, participation in group sessions and discussions, etc. all count.

What should I do to prepare for online classes?

Familiarize yourself with Zoom, a conferencing software that the New School uses; and Canvas, the university’s learning management system. Both have mobile apps which we recommend you download. The university has prepared webinars and recorded instructions for students on how to use both platforms, and instructions have been posted on the website (under Remote Learning Resources for Students).

It seems we have lost our online access to NYU library for e-resources. Are there any alternative resources that are available?

NYU has completely closed their libraries and campus, which means that access to NYU electronic resources may not be available. New School librarians remain available to assist faculty, students and staff in finding alternative means of access and resources during this disruption.  For example, you may have the option to have an article or book chapter scanned and emailed to you. Please contact the library at library.newschool.edu, and use the “Ask Us” chat feature at the bottom of the site, which allows people to have a live chat with library staff as well as the ability to submit questions and requests.   

Will the University Learning Center be open for online tutoring?

Yes, the ULC is open and will be available to students during this transitional period, offering all of our regular tutoring services online. Check their website here for regularly updated information.

What are the internship guidelines during this period?

- Ask the company if you can work remotely

- If not possible, please contact the Office of Career Development & Experience who will work with you to review completed hours/proposed credits and develop a plan forward.

Will student workers at Parsons (including Making Center student employees) continue to work and be paid?

Yes. Supervisors have been directed to have flexibility with student workers in accommodating remote work options and schedule adjustments. Please discuss working arrangements with your immediate supervisor.

How do I meet with my student success advisor?

Degree-seeking students are now able to make virtual appointments with Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Accounts staff through Starfish.

I am supposed to graduate in May. Will I be able to complete my studio-based thesis or capstone project?

We understand that graduating students may be concerned about meeting graduation requirements. We are actively discussing your needs, and prioritizing ensuring pathways for graduating students to complete necessary requirements, or shifting those requirements as needed.

What is the plan for end-of-year festival, graduation and commencement activities?

All in-person public programs and special events are cancelled through the end of May. We are exploring alternative formats for Parsons Festival to best support, celebrate, and promote the work of our graduating students, including resources for online exhibitions, VR, streaming, and other options. At this time, the university has not made a decision on Commencement and the Parsons recognition ceremonies/events. We understand that families are managing their travel plans, and any updates will be announced as soon as possible.

How do these changes affect international students?

Please review the university’s FAQ for international students.

For the latest and most comprehensive information from The New School, visit newschool.edu/coronavirus.