Roundtable 2: Workforce Housing

Workforce Housing


facilitator: Jodi Hilty



            new ideas

            what is working

            anticipated growing workforce

            short-term needs / general shortage due to projects, changes in laws, etc

            how to create incentives

            increase variety of housing types

            challenge of second-home prevalence in some communities

            Tell the stories of what is happening

            How to create change

            find strategies and lessons learned

            code revisions to facilitate workforce housing

            big workforce pressure

            land stress in some communities


Clear Themes

            increasing variety of housing types

                        townhomes with suites incorporated

                        separate title for auxiliary accommodation

                        auxiliary buildings in certain areas (e.g. garage suites)        


                                    Blanket acceptance of secondary suites

                                    Lane houses as secondary buildings on residential properties

Development of suites above garages in back alleys, pending zoning                               and acceptance by local neighbours



            ideas and inspirations

                        affordable housing development master plan and code

                        densification as a balance for conservation

                        development cap might be used to limit population

                        place to live should offer a place to “like to live”

                        matching people with employees a la foreign exchange students and billets

                        ncreasing density within settlement limits town boundaries and still increases I                                         nfluence on the landscape