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The Redeemer Extended Academic Day (READ) program is available for all TK-3rd grade Redeemer School students after noon dismissal. READ is supervised by the school and follows the Redeemer School calendar. Teachers are trained in the school’s philosophy & will follow a curriculum developed by the school. Stories and  activities will not overlap with the current school-day curriculum.

In READ, students start each afternoon gathering to bless the food and enjoy lunch. Then they listen to stories read by the teacher or enjoy time reading their own self-selected books.


The majority of the READ time is spent playing outside!  We provide a few balls, some hula hoops, and some chalk, but this is an unstructured time for them to explore, imagine, and play under their own direction. Bushes become forts and fairy houses and the fun begins there. In a quiet moment someone notices an interesting bug or flower and everyone comes running!  It’s a relaxed and easy down-time for brains and bodies to digest the day -- "A quiet growing time--and free growing time--the freedom of real play and of ordering one's own life.” ~ Charlotte Mason


When everyone is tired and ready for a drink of water, students come inside to rest and work with their hands. They play games such as chess and Mastermind, draw, and work on handcrafts such as carving, weaving, or stitching.  Then it is outside once again for a last stretch of unhurried play before being picked up at 2:45pm.

We would be blessed to have your child in the afternoon. This extended part of their day is an enriching and enjoyable time to get to know new friends and teachers. It is the goal of the READ program to remain true to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy for younger children -- “All intellectual work is done in the morning hours of school, and the afternoons are given to field nature studies, drawing, handicrafts, etc.” (Vol. 6, p. 10).  Above all, we strive for this time to be an opportunity for your child to wind down from morning studies in a relaxed atmosphere where their hearts are shepherded and their minds are stimulated.

2020-2021 READ Program Rates Per Student*

1 day / week rate = $549 / year ($61 / month)

2 days / week rate = $1,062 / year ($118 / month)

3 days / week rate = $1,539 / year ($171 / month)

4 days / week rate = $1,944 / year ($216 / month)

5 days / week rate = $2,295 / year ($255 / month)

Drop-in rate = $20/day per student. Drop-ins are subject to space availability.

READ is offered Mon - Fri, 12:15 - 2:45pm.**

*Program rates are subject to change from year to year.  Enrollment in the READ program (to commit for weekdays for the upcoming school year) is offered in July.  Multiple sibling discounts and lump sum discounts are not offered for the READ program.

**READ is not available on Fridays for TK students.