Weapons & Their Upgrades

Accurate as of 1/29/2019.


Mary’s Weapons


Mary’s Umbrella

Mary’s Hammer

Heart Bow

Mary’s Wand

Upgrade array indexes


This document lists each weapon Mary and Xane can pick up and use during Mary’s Magical Adventure, and the upgrades each gains over the course of the game. Beware, as this document may spoil your experience!

Mary and Xane’s weapons can be upgraded, unlocking new attacks and weapon abilities, such as allowing the use of magic to do more powerful attacks.

Please choose a table of contents link above to jump to each character’s weapons and their upgrades. At the end, there’s a table of all upgrade slots and what uses them.

Mary’s Weapons


“Mary’s personal pistol, given to her by her father. Unlike most guns, the MAGIC-FIRE-G uses magic energy as its ammo. It forcibly uses its own ammo before resorting to the weaker magic in the air, so use it sparingly should you wish to use that for other things…”

As with other weapons, the MAGIC-FIRE-G uses modes, swapped by tapping a third button. By default, it is in “semi-auto” mode, which requires the ATTACK 1 button to be pressed for every single shot. Upgrades unlock additional firing modes.

Mary’s Umbrella

“Mary’s very girly umbrella. It is normally used on rainy days to let Mary play outside without soaking her clothes, but in a situation like this, Mary has to use it for other purposes. It may not be powerful, but this umbrella can knock enemies off edges or help Mary sail through the air.”This umbrella has a pink canopy with light-pink parts hanging from it. A grey part goes through it vertically, with a pink heart on top and a handle at its bottom.

Mary’s Umbrella doesn’t use a mode system, instead somewhat changing based on context. ATTACK 2 always controls flight, even on the ground with its final upgrade.

Mary’s Hammer

“Found on-board Uroboros, this cute, pink hammer can bring a world of hurt onto Mary’s enemies! It doesn’t matter whether Mary is in or out of combat; This hammer has many purposes.”

Mary’s Hammer doesn’t use a mode system. The behavior of its two attack buttons changes based on Mary’s situation, like if she is in the air or on the ground.

Heart Bow

“No description yet.”

Like other weapons, the Heart Bow uses a mode system. Pressing MODE will swap between regular arrows and ones created from magic, given Mary has the second upgrade for this weapon.

Mary’s Wand

“No description or image yet.”

Like other weapons, Mary’s Wand uses a mode system. Pressing MODE will switch the wand between its different light colors, each serving a different purpose to Mary (and her magical alter ego, Magical Cutie Mary).

Upgrade array indexes

In Mary’s Magical Adventure, it is possible to upgrade both the player character and their five weapons, unlocking new attacks and abilities. Each of these upgrades are stored in an array named “upgrades”, global variable #27 in COMMON1.acs. Obviously, what you see here may change in the future, with a simplified, more linear upgrade path for each weapon.




Upgrades (Mary)

Upgrades (Xane)


Mary’s Umbrella

Arthas’ Sword

Increase Speed

Charged Burst



Increase Speed

Sword Beam


Mid-air Beam


Mary’s Hammer

Xane’s Hammer

Double Jump

Hammer Jump

Spinning Top

Hammer Slam

Water Paddle

Running Attack

Spike Stab

Hammer Throw


Mary’s third weapon

Xane’s third weapon

Unknown as weapon isn’t made yet.

Unknown as weapon isn’t made yet.


Mary’s Wand

Xane’s transformed weapon

Light Form (star-shaped wand is unlocked)

Shield Form

Elemental Shots (unlocks ice/fire)

Permanent Heart

Unknown as weapon isn’t made yet.


Mary’s secret weap.

Xane’s secret weapon

Unknown as weapon isn’t made yet.

Unknown as weapon isn’t made yet.


Ability upgrades

Gains two additional variants of her Air Dash.

Unknown, to be implemented in the future.


Health upgrades

Each upgrade decreases the rate health drops back to 100 when over that amount of health.


Jump height upg.

Slightly increases max jump height, up to twice the height.

To be removed...possibly.