5 reasons why you should pick Andaman over Mauritius

By: Ritika Tiwari

If you are planning your next beach vacation, but you are confused about where to go, then we are here to help you out. Sure, Mauritius sounds beautiful, but the secluded and pristine islands of Andaman are even more beautiful. And let’s be honest, the only reason you are thinking about Mauritius over Andaman is because you want that extra stamp on your passport.

Here is why you should pick Andaman over Mauritius:          

  1. It has the best beach in Asia

Radhanagar beach in Havelock Island has been voted again and again by TIME magazine as the best beach in Asia. After all, with its crystal blue water and serene environment, there is really no reason for it to not be.

Situated 12 kms from the Havelock Island, the beach has amazing water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. But even with the different activities buzzing around, the beach manages to be calm and surreal all through the day. If you are lucky, you may even see elephants taking a dip in the Indian Ocean. Now we are not saying Mauritius doesn’t some have pretty beaches, but it definitely does not have the best beach in Asia, right?


  1. Cheaper air flights

Here is a fact – flight to Mauritius cost more than Andaman. In fact, a flight to Mauritius will cost you more than a flight to Paris.

Yes, Mauritius does not charge anything for their visa but the flight charges more than make up for it. And it’s not just the flights that are expensive, the food and hotels are also much more expensive when compared to Andamans. And let’s not forget the change in currency. You would obviously have to pay currency conversion charges and Indian Rupee is almost half the Mauritian Rupee.


  1. It quiet and sublime

We go off to vacations to find calmness and serenity that is difficult to find in our hectic everyday lives. But it makes no sense to go on a holiday from one crowded big city to another. Mauritius is flooded by tourists all year round, making it difficult for you to find that much needed calmness.

Experience the tranquillity of Andamans and discover yourself through the big blue ocean. You can go discover the coral reefs in the white sand beach of Bharatpur or see the amazing rainforest on the Great Nicobar Island filled with unique fauna and aqua fauna, most of which remains untouched.


  1. Cheaper and better water Sports

Here is what you can do in Andamans - snorkeling, scuba diving and even kayaking. It’s a totally different experience to be scuba diving in such a diverse island with coral reefs and never seen before faunas.

The instructors are well trained and they make sure you know all the basics before you go off diving. You can either book your diving sessions online before leaving or go over there and choose where you would want to do it. It’s never over booked and you can always find a place for scuba diving and snorkeling. And of course, the water activities here are much more cheaper as compared to Mauritius. Did you know that even a water bottle is double the price in Mauritius?


  1. Andaman has an active mud volcano

Andaman has one of the few mud volcanoes in the world – One in Diglipur and another in Baratang. There are not as dangerous as the lava volcanoes, since they have hot mud coming out of the volcano. Wouldn’t it make up for a great story when you tell your friends you trekked up to watch an active volcano and actually took a dip in the hot mud?  

The trek is not too long, hardly 2 kms but make sure you go in morning when it’s not very hot to go near the volcano.

Now Mauritius has a volcano too, but it has been dormant for thousands of years. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a volcano, it is a crater with water filled in it. It does look beautiful, but hey, who would want to go see a crater when you can actually go see an active volcano in action?


  1. Kala Pani

Kala Pani, now a symbol and reminder of colonial British rule, was one of the most dangerous and talked about jails in the history. This very jail has housed many political prisoners like Veer Savarkar and Batukeshwar Dutt. The reason why this jail was called dreadful in the pre Independence era was because of the type of punishments. Prisoners were always kept in a solitary confinement and they didn’t even who was staying in their adjacent cells.

When people tried to escape, they were either hanged to death or tied to a stone and thrown into the sea. But what many people don’t know is that this jail also had British prisoners during World War II when the Andaman Islands was invaded by the Japanese.

While a part of the jail is open to the tourists, another part has been converted into a hospital to help the community.



  1. It is sunny and amazing

The weather in Mauritius is not always as sunny as it looks in the pictures you are googling. There are cyclones which lead to rainfall, for many days continuously. While you would be booking your tickets according to the general weather, most of the cyclones are often unpredictable and you would never know when it would start raining heavily, leaving you all stuck in your hotel room.

Andaman, on the other hand, is beautifully sunny.  Yes, it can be a tad bit humid at times but you won’t feel the humidity when you hit the waters.


So the next time you think of planning a beachy vacation, think Andamans.