Selecting the right Marketing Campaign for your product/idea

Step 1- Find your Marketing Strategy:

Answer the following questions

Step 2- Using a Marketing Plan:

Based on the answers to those three questions, select a marketing plan that will help you market your product to an audience.         


Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have made it easy to market to the masses on a small budget. However, it does take time to build an online following. This includes:

If you choose this style of marketing, you are creating accounts for each social media site and establishing a consistent brand for your company and product that is tailored towards your intended audience.

Content Marketing

You can use content marketing to educate people so they will know and trust your business. This technique involves creating original written and visual content to generate leads and become well known online. This includes generating keyword-rich online content that is closely related to the products or services you offer.

If you choose this style of marketing, your first step is to create a website:

Next, select one of the following options to post on your website:

For each option, you need to make sure you keep track of all original source material and correctly cite these sources within your blog post, vlog, or podcast. It is important to remember to give credit and acknowledge where you are gathering your information. And remember, at the end of it all, refer back to your product/idea and its connection. You aren’t just informing the consumer, but also showing them how your product/idea is part of the solution.

Community Service

Helping a charity or serving your community can create awareness about your products or services. You get the chance to give back to your community and build your brand at the same time. Select a cause that matches your business, and get help from the media to publicize it.

Ex: Go to a beach cleanup and help hand out bags and collect trash whilst promoting your eco friendly reusable straws.

If you choose this style of marketing, you will have to complete the following;

Product Videos

Video can be a great way to communicate how your products work and how they help your potential customers, particularly for products that lend themselves to a more visual explanation. They're also great for giving site visitors a quick overview of what you offer as well as providing deeper dives into specific product features and/or specific usages. This is not a commercial or infomercial.

If you choose this style of marketing, you will have to complete the following;

Direct Marketing

Communicate directly with customers and prospects through mail, email, texts, fliers and other promotional material.

If you choose this style of marketing, you will need to select and complete 3 of the following to design and create:

Guerilla marketing

Do something unconventional to build buzz, such as plastering company-related stickers around the city. It can be hard to come up with something creative, but the payoff may be worth it. Because it's so unconventional, however, it's not the easiest concept to explain. Guerrilla marketing is often best understood when it's observed. Surprise customers and generate social buzz to get the attention of potential customers. Jay Conrad Levinson coined the phrase “guerrilla advertising” in his book of the same name. The strategy is often effective for small businesses that need to capture a larger audience without spending too much, but it's been used by big companies, too. An example of this strategy was Coca-Cola’s “happiness machine” campaign in 2010. Videos featured a Coca-Cola vending machine that dispensed more than just a can of Coke. The videos went viral and the company continued the campaign.

If you choose this style of marketing, create a well-designed guerilla marketing campaign idea. You may not use the sticker idea as suggested above. Think more creatively and use the examples provided below as guidance. Think of and design a creative way to market your product idea.


Types of guerrilla marketing: