- Led Convergence operations. Hired law firm to help forming the Convergence non-profit

- Incorporated Convergence

- Applied for 501c3 non-profit status for Convergence [non-profit status approved in 2019]

- Onboarded new person for operations work

- Developed a new systematization of Goodhart's Law



- Led Convergence operations. Created various internal documents for the


- Built a new web site from scratch, changed hosting and moved domains

- Designed Convergence presentation and held it at the Future of Humanity Institute

- Did some research on scaling safe insights, meta-strategy, and strategy experiments


- Defined recruitment plan for researcher-writer role and publicized job ad

- Initial work on an existential risk strategy research agenda

- Wrote article draft on the field of existential risk reduction


- Broadcasted job ad for researcher-writer and examined job applications

- Arranged an internship at Convergence in 2020

- Submitted final project report to BERI, applied to grant round from SFF

- Ran and attended AI Strategy and X-risk unconference (AIXSU)

- Assisted an AGI company in recruiting for their ethics board, and analyzed their ethics design

- Analyzed x-risk for-profit investment

- Rewrote article draft on the field of existential risk reduction, 5700 words, then shared it with select people and presented it at the EA hotel



- Published The ‘far future’ is not just the far future (29)

- Published State Space of X-Risk Trajectories (23)

- Collaborated on seven other Convergence publications we released in the period


- Collaborated on five new Convergence publications we released in the period


- Wrote up rough outlines for 6 new articles on existential risk reduction

- Released Convergence one pager

- Refined the contract for a research group that Convergence is acting as fiscal sponsor of

- Performed Convergence planning

- Collaborated on two new Convergence publication we released in the period