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 Why I am recommending it is...


Tom Gates a tiny bit lucky

There was a boy named Tom Gates and he lived with his parents and his annoying and mean sister named Delia. He has a friend named Derek and Norman who is in his band called Dogzombies and he has an big eye teacher named Mr.Fullerman who always stares at what Tom is doing.

I recommend this book because it’s funny to me and it’s very creative..  

Anh Thy

Star Wars - Jedi Academy

There was a boy named Roan and he lives in Tanoonie (Tah-too-wean). His whole life wanted to be like his father and brother in Pilot academy. But somehow he got rejected. Here comes a small little green guy name Yoda who invited him to Jedi academy...

I recommend this book because it’s makes you want to read more and more until you know the ending!

Thien Y

There was a boy name Roan we want to enter to pilot academy  for middle school but instead he got in jedi academy . And it was really bad at first but then everything start to change


Dork Diaries

A story of a life of a girl named Nicky.

A girl named mekin ji is annoys Nicky but Nicky overcomes it.

I like stories that form like a diary.

Elina Walia

Once there was a boy called Auggie and he looked so weird but he was normal he eats norml and stuff but everyone used to make fun of him.One boy was nice to Auggie called Jack will and he was very kind to him and there was this girl called summer she was also kind.

I am recommending this book because it is about people that have these problems and if you don't then you can learn from this book.


There is a boy named auggie he has some problems with his face and he is cruising at home being homeschooled but in fifth grade he has to join school at first he tries to keep a low profile but its hard after nearly a whole year he had some ups and downs and at the end he is…..

I am recommending this book for people who like reading about emotional things. If you like reading about friendships and enemies.


Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman

It is a superhero in a underpants flying and fighting crime a lot but the superhero is Mr krupp.  

I am recommending this book because it is very funny and I can't stop reading it.  

I am recommending this book because it is weird but funny.



It is about a superhero in underpants that saves the day from the evil doctor diaper from zapping the moon with the ray 2000 who will win DUN DUN DUNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Mr Kruppi is a principal.George and Harold do silly stuff in School two hypnotize make him Dunnnnnnnnnnnntttttttt! Captain Underpants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He save again !!!!!! with  wearing underwear and cape.


Artemis Fowl

Artemis fowl’s ambition to restore his family fortune is very high. One day he is in Ho Chi minh city and he meets and takes info from  a fairy. There is an underground city named haven whereholly short the only female cop needs to then do a ritual to restore her magic that she had taken away while she restores her magic ABOVE GROUND she is caught by Artemis fowl and is taken captive.FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IN Artemis fowl

I'm recommending this because it is a really fun and interesting book about made up stuff so if u like made up stuff then read Artemis fowl


Warren the 13th the All-Seeing -Eye

Warren is a boy who works in the hotel of his family.When he finds out that his auntie is acting weird.She is trying to find the lost eye that is hidden somewhere in the hotel.Warren goes on a whole new adventure with his two new friends!

I am recommending this book because it was very interesting when I started reading it. I hope it will be as interesting for you as it was for me!


Off to be the Wizard

Off to be a wizard is about how the world works. Martin finds a computer program that controls the universe he experiments with it and got caught he went back in time

I am recommending this book because it is interesting and is a good sci fi fantasy book  



Wings of Fire book 3

There is a dragon named Glory who wants to free the dragons that the mysterious NightWings have stolen and hidden in a secret tunnel. She is captured and brought to the tunnel where the RainWings are hidden. She recruts an army of RainWings and fights the NightWings. Clay and Tsunami come to save her. After they are free Glory decides that the current RainWing queen is worthless and decides to challange her to a battle of the queens. She wins and takes over as Queen Glory of the RainWings.

Wings of Fire is about four dragonets of the prophecy. A Mudwing Clay, a Seawing Tsunami, a Rainwing Glory, a Nightwing Starflight and a Sandwing Sunny. The Rainwing Glory was not supposed to be in the prophecy but one of the guardians called Webs got her cause Queen Burn of the Sandwings had killed there Skywing dragonet. Sunny the Sandwing is wired looking cause she is half Nightwing.

I recommend this book because it is a book that you can not put down. It is so interesting and has points where you just can not stop reading. It has the most cliffhangery cliffhangers ever. This is a great book!  


The virus survival (Japanese Book)

There were 2 boys and 1 girl. 1 of the boy’s name were Jio and Kei


Franny K.Stein Mad Scientist Lunch Walks Among Us

It is a story of a girl called Franny and her dream was to become a mad scientist.

I chose this book because this book is it is good and kind of disgusting.


The Land of Stories Series

Twins,Conner bailey and Alex bailey went falling into a wishing spell book. They noticed that they went into a fairytale world, and they HAD to get out. They met a frog called froggy (at least that’s what Conner called him) He taught the twins about the wishing spell items and they needed to collect them to be able to get out of the fairytale world. So they went on a mission to find the items to be able to get themselves out. But they soon found out that the wishing spell could only be used once, and the evil queen used it to rescue her loved one. Finally, they found out that the fairy godmother was her grandma and she used her wand to bring them back home.

I recommend this book series because it contains fantasy and some humor. This story will make you want to read more and more and you can not wait to read the next chapter!

Armand Ingmarsson Stelter

 Timmy Failure

Timmy Failure is a Kid that mostly fails like Breaking his leg and letting a thousand pound polar Bear go on the best water slide and then the Polar Bear clogged the darn Tube O’terror.

I recommend you to read it if you like humor books

It is a classic humor book.

Yeo Tae Sung


Timmy failure is a kid that let the polar bear to ride the water slide.The polar bear just made the “clot!”.Timmy failure’s aunts name is Colander and she has a shoe that is broom broom.

I recommended you this book because this book is  humor book and this tell the true funny things too.



When Raina was little she asked for a baby sister because she wanted someone to play with her. Few months later she had a baby sister who did not seem to like Raina, Her name was Amara. Years later they went on a road trip to visit their cousins. Raina and Amara still fight so I don’t know how well there going to do in the car.

I am recommending this book because its funny and is a comic book. Also this is a true story from her experiences with her sister.


The Bad Guys

Mr. Wolf gets tired of being bad so he invites his friends and does a meeting then there they got funny adventures

I am recommending this book because it is good for people who like humor.


Thea Stilton And the Star Castaways

So in this story, there 5 sisters:: Nicky, Colette, Violet, Paulina and Pamela. In this story, The Thea sisters goes on a mission to the moon. After Much preparation, The mice took off to the moon. When they arrived at their lunar vacation spot, something goes wrong…..

I am recommending this book because it is one of my favourite books to read and you might find this book interesting and you might never stop reading it!.