AACS | Writing an Exhibition Proposal

Basics of your proposal
Your Proposal should communicate a clear vision of the concept and logistics of your exhibition. This should include the following:

  1. Exhibition Title

  1. Your Name, and Participant(s)

  1. Statement of Intent
  1. Clearly conveys the theme of the exhibition
  2. Inspiration/historical references you are pulling from for this exhibition
  3. Why you want to exhibit this body of work in this particular space
  4. What do you envision the outcome of the show, how will this exhibition aid you in your development as an artist?

  1. Execution
  1. Timeline of install and de-install
  2. Desired exhibition dates
  3. Any technical issues that need to be addressed with installing the exhibition

        E.    Diagram of exhibition (especially if installing 3D work)

  1. Use a computer program to make the diagram (there are plenty of free programs to draft your exhibition diagram)
  2. Label directions of the walls (north, east, south, west)
  3. Make it to scale

        F.    Images

  1. Include 10 to 15 great images (higher resolution, color corrected)
  2. Each image should have a title or info listed along with photo credit, if you took the photo, state: ‘Photo courtesy of artist’
  3. In-process work images are acceptable and show the gallery director your process (however, do not show early in-process photos where you are building castles in the sky)


        G.    Other information to include

  1. Short bio (5-7 sentences)
  2. Résumé or CV (2-3 pages max, should not include unrelated professional experience)

Proposal Writing Tips