Climate Action

LD 1818 An Act Regarding Port Facilities Relating to Offshore Wind Power Projects [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (DEAD)

This bill requires any public port facility or highway constructed to serve an offshore wind power project to employ project labor agreements that comply with the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 26, section 3601. It provides that in the case of an offshore wind power project that involves the lease of a port facility owned or operated by the State, certain lease requirements must be fulfilled, and it directs the Department of Environmental Protection, in consultation and coordination with other state agencies, to seek federal funding available under the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and any other federal law or program to enhance climate resilience and biodiversity of any nearshore, intertidal or upland areas disturbed by activities related to offshore wind power projects.

Sponsor: Senator Glenn Curry of Waldo

Cosponsors: Representative Arthur Bell of Yarmouth, Senator Stacy Brenner of Cumberland, Representative Victoria Doudera of Camden, Representative Lori Gramlich of Old Orchard Beach, President Troy Jackson of Aroostook, Senator Mark Lawrence of York, Representative Rebecca Millett of Cape Elizabeth, Representative Margaret O'Neil of Saco, Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross of Portland

Committee: Labor and Housing

LD1847 An Act to Modify the Visual Impact Standards for Offshore Wind Port Development [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (DEAD - vetoed by Governor)

This bill establishes a new type of port development used for fabricating offshore wind turbines called an offshore wind terminal.  It establishes a visual impact standard to evaluate the effect of the development of an offshore wind terminal.

Sponsor: Senator Glenn Curry of Waldo

Committee: Environment and Natural Resources

Other Watch List Bills:

LD 928 - Pine Tree Amendment (DEAD)

LD 1156 – Maine Trails Bond (Carried over - on Appropriations table awaiting funding)

Working Title:  Environmental Justice Definitions and Framework

Democracy in Action

LD 34 An Act to Require a Person to Show Photographic Identification for the Purpose of Voting [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (DEAD)

This bill would require voters to show photo ID at the polls on Election Day. Further, it specifically states that photo IDs issued by a college or university may not be accepted for voter identification. This kind of bill disproportionately disenfranchises BIPOC, elderly, disabled and poor voters. In addition, this bill aims to exclude young adults who attend school in the state.

Sponsor: Sen. POULIOT of Kennebec. Co-sponsors: Rep. MORRIS of Turner and Sen. TIMBERLAKE of Androscoggin.

Committee: Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee

Community Partners: League of Women Voters of Maine

LD 123 An Act to Eliminate the Educational Purposes Exception to the Prohibition on the Dissemination of Obscene Matter to Minors [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (DEAD)
This bill eliminates an exception to the prohibition on the dissemination of obscene matter to minors for educational purposes in public schools. In other words, all material considered “obscene” would be banned for all educational purposes.

Sponsor: Senator Libby of Cumberland. Cosponsored by Representative Pomerleau of Standish.

Committee: Educational and Cultural Affairs

LD 237 An Act to Require Persons who register to vote to submit a voter registration update every four years.  [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (DEAD)

This bill would place an undue and unnecessary burden on voters and election officials.. Maine has joined the Electronic Voter Registration for Member States (ERIC) service whose purpose is to assist states to insure the accuracy of their voter registration lists. Maine is also in the process of implementing Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) which allows voters to automatically register during the motor vehicle transaction.

Sponsor: Rep. GRIFFIN of Levant. Co-sponsors: Rep. HENDERSON of Rumford and Rep. SMITH of Palermo

Committee: Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee

Community Partners: League of Women Voters of Maine

LD 726 An Act to Amend the Laws Governing Political Action Committees Relating to Union, Business and Nonprofit Organizations [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (DEAD)

LD1417, passed 2 years ago, prohibited corporations from making campaign contributions to legislators, candidates, and Leadership PACs. and LD726 attempts to roll back a critical part of that bill, allowing corporations with minimal effort to funnel contributions through a party committee or PAC: all of the corporate influence but with even less transparency.  LD1417 went into effect January 1 of this year so we have not even seen its impact through an election cycle.

Sponsor: Sen. TIMBERLAKE of Androscoggin. Co-sponsors: Sen. FARRIN of Somerset and Rep. MORRIS of Turner

Committee: Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee

Community Partners: League of Women Voters of Maine

LD1155 An Act to Address Legislative Salaries [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Signed by Governor)

This bill, starting with the 132nd Legislature, increases the salary of Legislators to $25,000 in the first year of each biennium and to $20,000in the 2nd year of each biennium. Click here for talking points and UU values connections for writing letters or testimony.

Sponsor: Representative WOODSOME of Waterboro. Co-Sponsored: Senator BRENNER of Cumberland, Representatives BRIDGEO of Augusta, FREDERICKS of Sanford, LANIGAN of Sanford, MOONEN of Portland, OSHER of Orono, SAMPSON of Alfred, TERRY of Gorham

Committee: State and Local Government

Community Partners: League of Women Voters

Health Care

LD 3 An Act to Establish the Winter Energy Relief Payment Program to Aid Residents with High Heating Costs and to Finalize the COVID Pandemic Relief Payment Program (EMERGENCY) (Signed by the Governor)

Sponsor: Speaker TALBOT ROSS of Portland. Cosponsor: President JACKSON of Aroostook.  

Committee: Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

LD 109 An Act to Improve Safety for Individuals Living in Recovery Residences [MUUSAN OPPOSES]

This bill repeals the provision which treats recovery residences as family residences with regards to safety codes. If passed this bill may have the effect of closing recovery houses which do not have funding or landlord support to meet the stricter safety requirements. MUUSAN opposes. (DEAD)

Sponsor: Rep. LANDRY of Farmington. Cosponsors: Rep. LAJOIE of Lewiston

Committee: Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Community Partners: Maine Recovery Advocacy Project

LD1619 An Act to Improve Maine's Reproductive Privacy Laws [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Signed by the Governor)

Presented by Speaker TALBOT ROSS of Portland. (GOVERNOR'S BILL) Cosponsors: (very long, see link for full list)

Committee: Judiciary

Community Partner: Maine Women's Lobby

LD 1844 An Act to Support Emergency Housing Facility Construction, Renovation and Acquisition Statewide by Creating a Matching Grant Program [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Signed by the Governor)

Sponsor: Representative ARFORD of Brunswick. Cosponsors: Senator DAUGHTRY of Cumberland and Representatives: ANKELES of Brunswick, BRENNAN of Portland, CYRWAY of Albion, GATTINE of Westbrook, GOLEK of Harpswell, MORRIS of Turner, PERRY of Calais, Speaker TALBOT ROSS of Portland.  

Committee: Housing

Racial, Native, and Immigrant Justice

LD 78  RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to Article X of the Constitution of Maine Regarding the Publication of Maine Indian Treaty Obligations [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (PASSED and, as a Constitutional amendment, will go to citizens’ referendum)                          

This resolution proposes an amendment to the Constitution of Maine to require that the text of Article X, Section 5 of the Constitution, which pertains to Maine Indian treaty obligations, be included in any printed copies of the Constitution included with the laws of the State.
Sponsor: Speaker TALBOT-ROSS                                                                                              
Committee: Judiciary

LD 109 An Act to Improve Safety for Individuals Living in Recovery Residences [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (Dead)

This bill repeals the provision which treats recovery residences as family residences with regards to safety codes. If passed this bill may have the effect of closing recovery houses which do not have funding or landlord support to meet the stricter safety requirements.

Sponsor: Rep. LANDRY of Farmington. Cosponsors: Rep. LAJOIE of Lewiston

Committee: Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Community Partners: Maine Recovery Advocacy Project

LD 155 An Act Regarding Community-Based Services for Youth Involved in the Juvenile Justice System [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Signed by Governor)

Still a Concept Draft but this bill would require the Department of Corrections to develop a comprehensive plan for community-based services for youth involved in the juvenile justice system.

Sponsor: Rep. BRENNAN of Portland

Committee: Criminal Justice & Public Safety

LD 183 An Act to Incorporate Time Limits on the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program into Municipal General Assistance Program [MUUSAN  OPPOSES] (Dead)

This bill provides that a person who has exhausted the 60-month lifetime limit on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program benefits is ineligible to receive municipal general assistance program benefits.  
Sponsor: Sen. BRAKEY of Androscoggin. Cosponsors: Rep. RUDNICKI of Fairfield and Sens. HARRINGTON of York, LIBBY of Cumberland, Reps. ANDREWS of Paris, BOYER of Poland, HYMES of Waldo, LIBBY of Auburn, SAMPSON of Alfred, SOBOLESKI of Phillips.            
Committee: Health & Human Services

LD 268 An Act To Establish a 45-day Municipal Residency Requirement for General Assistance Programs [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (Dead)

This bill establishes a 45-day residency requirement for applicants for municipal general assistance. 

Sponsor: Sen. BRAKEY of Androscoggin. Cosponsors: Rep. WHITE of Guilford and Sens. GUERIN of Penobscot, HARRINGTON of York, KEIM of Oxford, LIBBY of Cumberland, MOORE of Washington, POULIOT of Kennebec, STEWART of Aroostook, TIMBERLAKE of Androscoggin.

Committee: Health & Human Services

LD 454 An Act to Establish a 180-day State Residency Requirement for Municipal General Assistance [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (Dead)                                                 

This bill establishes a 180-day state residency requirement for applicants for municipal general assistance.                                                     Sponsor: Sen. BRAKEY of Androscoggin. Cosponsors: Sens. GUERIN of Penobscot, HARRINGTON of York, LYFORD of Penobscot, MOORE of Washington, Reps: ANDREWS of Paris, GREENWOOD of Wales, QUINT of Hodgdon.                                                                                                

Committee: Health and Human Services

LD 557 An Act to Decrease Discrimination Based on Evictions in Housing Applications [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (DEAD)                                                        

This bill prohibits a landlord or landlord's agent from asking about previous evictions in an application for the rental or lease of a residence or discriminating against an applicant in the rental or lease of a residence on the basis of an applicant's history of eviction.                         

Sponsor: Rep. RANA of Bangor. Cosponsors: Reps: DANA of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, GEIGER of Rockland, LOOKNER of Portland, MATHIESON of Kittery, OSHER of Orono, ROEDER of Bangor, WARREN of Scarborough, Senator: TIPPING of Penobscot.                                                                         Committee: Judiciary

LD 618 An Act to Eliminate Critical Race Theory, Social and Emotional Learning and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from School Curricula [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (DEAD)

This bill prohibits school administrative units from providing instruction in critical race theory, social and emotional learning and diversity, equity and inclusion in any school curricula.

Sponsor: Rep. ADAMS of Lebanon

Committee: Education & Cultural Affairs

 LD 668 An Act to Protect Maine Taxpayers by Requiring a Person to Be a United States Citizen to Receive General Assistance Benefits and to Ensure Municipal Compliance with Federal Immigration Laws [MUUSAN OPPOSES] (DEAD)                       
This bill requires a person to be a citizen of the United States in order to receive general assistance benefits.                                                                                   Sponsor: Rep. GREENWOOD of Wales. Cosponsors: Sen. BRAKEY of Androscoggin and Reps: ANDREWS of Paris, DRINKWATER of Milford, LIBBY of Auburn, POIRIER of Skowhegan, QUINT of Hodgdon, RUDNICKI of Fairfield, Senators: LYFORD of Penobscot, MOORE of Washington.

LD 691 An Act to Reduce Barriers to Housing By Prohibiting Tenant Application Fees [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Signed by Governor)

This bill prohibits a landlord from requiring a person to pay a fee in order to submit an application to enter into an agreement to rent a residential dwelling unit.                                 

Sponsor: Rep. KESSLER of South Portland. Cosponsors: Reps.: CLOUTIER of Lewiston, GATTINE of Westbrook, GERE of Kennebunkport, HASENFUS of Readfield, MILLETT of Cape Elizabeth, RIELLY of Westbrook, ROEDER of Bangor, SALISBURY of Westbrook.                                                        Committee: Judiciary

LD 848  An Act to Expunge Certain Nonviolent Drug Crimes [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Dead) 

This bill allows a person convicted of violating the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 17-A, section 1107-A to petition the court where the person was convicted to expunge all records of the crime 5 years after the completion of the person's sentence

Sponsor: Rep. FAULKINGHAM of Winter Harbor. Co-sponsors: President JACKSON of Aroostook and Reps: ANDREWS of Paris, CLOUTIER of Lewiston, Speaker TALBOT ROSS of Portland, TERRY of Gorham, Senator: VITELLI of Sagadahoc.

Committee: Judiciary

LD 931  An Act to Expand the State's Workforce by Supporting the Transition from Incarceration to Employment [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Carried Over)                        

This bill is a concept draft but proposes to charge the State Workforce Board with preparing a plan to expand the State's current workforce development programming for incarcerated persons and persons reentering the community after incarceration. This bill also proposes adopting listed specific recommendations of the Jail Navigator Focus Group on Transition/Reentry.                                                                        

Sponsor:Rep. SAYRE of Kennebunk. Cosponsors: Rep.PRINGLE of Windham, Sen. MOORE of Washington and Reps: BOYER of Poland, ROEDER of Bangor, SALISBURY of Westbrook, SARGENT of York.                 Committee: Criminal Justice and Public Safety.

LD 1086  An Act to Define the Term "Solitary Confinement" for the Laws Governing a Jail or Correctional Facility [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Carried Over)                                                

This bill defines "solitary confinement" as the isolation of a client from the general population of the jail or correctional facility where the client is detained by confinement in a cell or other place for 22 hours or more within a 24-hour period.

Sponsor: Rep. LOOKNER of Portland. Cosponsors: Sen. BEEBE-CENTER of Knox and Reps.: HASENFUS of Readfield, MATHIESON of Kittery, MILLIKEN of Blue Hill, NEWMAN of Belgrade, NUTTING of Oakland, SALISBURY of Westbrook.

Committee: Criminal Justice and Public Safety

LD 1138 An Act to Improve Work and Family Mobility by Altering and Removing Certain Requirements for Driver's Licenses and Nondriver Identification Cards [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Carried Over)

This bill removes the legal presence requirement and other impediments for immigrants in obtaining a driver's license or nondriver identification card essential for being productive, healthy and well -integrated participants in our communities.

Sponsor: Speaker TALBOT ROSS of Portland. Cosponsors: Senator CHIPMAN of Cumberland and Reps: RANA of Bangor, WILLIAMS of Bar Harbor, Senator: TIPPING of Penobscot)

Committee: Transportation

LD 1349 An Act to Review State Lands and Waterways That Have Sacred, Traditional or Other Significance to the Wabanaki People [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Carried Over)                                 

This bill establishes the Commission to Review State-owned Lands and Waterways to identify which state-owned lands or waterways have sacred, traditional or other significance to the Passamaquoddy Tribe, Penobscot Nation, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians or Mi'kmaq Nation and develop a process to return lands and waterways to them.                                                                                         Sponsor: Rep. COLLINGS of Portland. Cosponsor: Rep DANA of the Passamaquoddy Tribe.
Committee: Agriculture

LD 1970 An Act to Enact the Maine Indian Child Welfare Act (“Maine ICWA”) [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Signed by Governor)
This bill enacts the Maine Indian Child Welfare Act to establish procedures and standards for cases concerning custody proceedings, foster care placements, termination of parental rights and adoptions involving Indian children. The legislation seeks to codify in state law protections currently guaranteed under the 1978 Indian Child Welfare Act, which sought to address the alarmingly high number of American Indian and Alaska Native children who were forcibly removed from their families by state and private agencies and placed outside their communities. Four cases before the U.S. Supreme Court sought to weaken or even overturn the law, but the Supreme Court upheld ICWA.
Sponsor: Senator BAILEY of York. Cosponsors: Representative DANA of the Passamaquoddy Tribe and over 100 bipartisan cosponsors

Committee: Judiciary
Community Partner: Wabanaki Alliance

LD 2004 An Act to Restore Access to Federal Laws Beneficial to the Wabanaki Nations (“Beneficial Acts bill”) [MUUSAN SUPPORTS] (Vetoed by the Governor - Dead)
This bipartisan bill amends the 1980 Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act and the Aroostook Band of Mi’kmaqs Settlement Act so that the Wabanaki tribes can benefit from most existing and future federal laws that apply to the other 570 federally recognized tribes.
Sponsor: Speaker TALBOT ROSS of Portland. Cosponsors: Senator BRAKEY of Androscoggin and Representatives: ANDREWS of Paris, DANA of the Passamaquoddy Tribe, FAULKINGHAM of Winter Harbor, MOONEN of Portland, Senators: BAILEY of York, BENNETT of Oxford, CARNEY of Cumberland, President JACKSON of Aroostook
Committee: Judiciary
Community Partner: Wabanaki Alliance