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Óscar A. Montiel C.V. 2022
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Óscar A. Montiel 28

Software Developer

Querétaro, México · LinkedIn · GitHub · 442 145 8909

Work Experience

Aug. 2020 - →

Application Development · PSL Group  · React | SASS |  Storybook | Jira

Creation and maintenance of React components for multiple web applications and newsletters of the company. Detail-oriented modularity to ease constant design changes. Facilitate effective teamwork by using Jira tickets to track tasks and issues.

Jan. - Aug. 2020

3D Web Development · Outsiders Gallery  · Three.js | AWS | HTML/CSS/JS

Developer and core advisor in the creation of 3D web experiences for Outsiders Gallery’s ZeYX Lab using Three.js. Configured AWS and Hubs Cloud for creating customized virtual exhibit spaces. Helped develop the official website of

3D Web Development · OTONO/MRMT · Three.js | HTML/CSS/JS

Core developer in the creation of a 3D virtual garden using Three.js for the promotion of musician Jardines’ newest album Alquitrán, meant for listeners to get lost in it while searching the sources of music. Recognized in the press:  HolaWave, Ibero 90.9.

Jan. 2019 - Aug. 2020

Web Development · NUUMX · React |  HTML/CSS JS | Webflow CMS

Development of custom websites ranging from artificial intelligence startups to community churches using Webflow CMS, e.g. Zenus. Creation of React components and documentation for the Cordage web application.

Dec. 2017

Web Development · Festival Sonorum · HTML/CSS JS | Bootstrap

Website development for Festival Sonorum: International Festival of Arts and New Technologies

Jun. 2016 - Aug. 2017

Multimedia Integration · Game programming · Grupo Educare · HTML/CSS/JS | Gamemaker 2

Integration of multiple types of educational media into digital books. Developing pedagogic video games with assets provided by a design team using GM2.

Artist · Software developer · Animanoir

My personal ongoing project of art-engineering exploration. You can see some of my personal work at More links here.


Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Webflow

Animation/3D: Blender, Flash/Animate

Video Edition: Premiere

Music/Sound design: Ableton Live

English: 90%


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React,  Jest, Storybook, Three.js,

React Testing Library, GSAP, AWS,  p5.js, Processing,

SASS, Git, Yarn/NPM, Bootstrap, PHP, MAX/MSP,

CMS, Godot Game Engine, Unity, VVVV, Gatsby


2021 · Code-X Machina: Critical theory using digital technology · 2018 · B.D. Software engineer, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro · 2017 ·  Algorithmic music | Centro de las artes (CEART) · 2016 ·  The Nature of Code | Kadenze · 2015 ·  Git Essential Training | Lynda (485366DDE02D496C9850E4B43067C1FC) · 2014 ·  Microsoft Technology Associate | Microsoft (F197-6834


2021 · Selected artwork “Arqueología Flickeriana”: Encuentro de Imagen MMXXI: tierra y territorio · 2019 Programming teacher:   Voltaje Hacklab (2016), BEMA (2019) ·  2014 · Essay writer:  Homo techno sapiens, Ouroboros Magazine from the Faculty of Arts, UAQ (2014) · Content Writer:  CutOut Fest · 2013 · Music composer · FACT 10 promo video