Here’s a  full page of cool activities from crosswords to BINGO to Quiz Shows and more, all created automatically for you from a simple Google Sheet.

Check out this overview to get started.


A screencast is an excellent way to leave directions for students when you are gone or to post a tutorial for a new or difficult concept. Your screencasts can be embedded on your website or put into Schoology. Don’t be intimidated! Give it a try.

Basic Tutorials


This amazing site is filled with all kinds of cool tools including fake Facebook, fake Twitter, Arcade (study) Game Generator, Random Name Picker, Countdown Timer, and so much more. Each tool is explained right there.

Take a look around!


This site corners the market on visual fun projects. With it you can make posters, magazine covers,  jigsaw puzzles, billboards and more  using your own photos.

Video Tutorial





Adobe Spark

Post, Page, or Video - Adobe Spark is three tools in one.  You and your students will love creating graphics, web stories, and animated videos with this web or iPad app.

Check out  these Google Slides for help and tutorials.


Formative allows you to create assessments  for your class. You see their responses and can give them feedback in real time. Traditional questions are available. But students can also DRAW on an image or whiteboard to show their work. This could  hold great promise for math and science teachers!

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Hyperdocs are interactive Google Docs that replace  traditional worksheets. They engage the learner through linked videos, websites, and tasks that develop creativity and critical thinking. (This challenge board is actually an example of one!)  You can start simple and build with experience. Check out the Hyperdoc Resources page for samples and templates to help you get started.

Video Playlist


Flipgrid is a video conversation online app that lets you give a prompt and lets students record a brief video answer. This is a great way to vary that exit ticket or any

short response in your class. Give all your students a voice!