What is Three Kings Day ?

January the 6th is a special day in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries. Known as 'El Dia de Reyes' (Three Kings Day), this holiday represents the height of the Christmas season. The children of Mexico in particular look forward to this holiday as traditionally, gifts are exchanged on this date, not on Christmas day.

In Mexico and many other Latin American countries it is The Three Kings  who leave presents in or near the shoes of small children. They also come through town in a parade , that everyone attends on the night before Three Kings Day. It is a holiday for all to enjoy with a lighthearted look back at the joy of being a child and receiving presents on a favorite holiday.

Los Tres Reyes in Mexico

Los Tres Reyes Magos

In addition to gifts for the children there is a  'Rosca de Reyes' (King's Cake) for everyone. It is shaped in a round to like a king's crown,and baked inside  is a small ceramic figurine. Whoever finds this token will host the next party  on Dia de la Candelaria' (Candlemas Day)  on February 2nd.

Rosca de Reyes for Three Kings Day

Rosca de Reyes

Another tradition celebrated on Three Kings Day is eating the evening meal. Traditionally, the supper on this night consists of   delicious corn tamales and  hot chocolate. This meal marks the end to a perfect celebration of Three Kings Day for children and adults alike.