Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of the April 23, 2018 Meeting

Youth Section of the Macedon Public Library

Macedon New York



Present: Stacey Wicksall (Director), Helen Darrow (President), Steve Hanrahan (Vice President),Gary Crane (Finance Officer),  Halin Perera (Secretary), Debbi Napolitano, Tara Longyear, Jim Hoteling, Denise Munson, Chris Harris (Treasurer) Bruce Babcock (Liaison) and Kathy Koehler (Scribe).



H. Darrow, President, called the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Macedon Public Library to order at 6:36 p.m.


NEW BOARD MEMBER:  Introduction of new Trustee, Denise Munson.


RESIGNATION:  H. Darrow read Georgia Learn’s resignation letter.

RESOLVED:  on motion of D. Napolitano, seconded by H. Perera, to accept the resignation of Georgia Learn from the Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees. Denise Munson abstained, motion carried.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA, MARCH’S MINUTES, DIRECTOR’S REPORT (pre-read) and any additions and changes to agenda: RESOLVED, on motion by J. Hoteling to approve the agenda, seconded from D. Napolitano.  Motion carried.



C. Harris reported that the March report shows that the library is in line with where it should be.  The revenues are close to budget, and there is an overage in expenditures due to the early payment of retirement, but that it will all even out in time.


Quarterly Report: G. Crane reviewed the proposed format for quarterly report he will be presenting to the Town Board on May 10th, asking for suggestions from the Board and B. Babcock.

Expenditure and Revenues:  It was suggested that comments to explain “out of budget” variances be added, and as well as a section to show budget increase predictions.

Statistics:  No suggestions.

Impact:  Suggested that the evolution of the library be shown, because there is a misconception about the popularity of ebooks v. print books.  Also, it needs to show how the programs affect the residents’ quality of life.


G. Crane will make adjustments and send out another draft to Board members.


Bequest from Ernest Vandermolen’s Estate:  Mr. Vandermolen’s Will bequests $5,000 to be held in Macedon Library’s Endowment Fund.  Such a fund does not exist and it was discussed how to handle this donation.  Presently the money is untouched in the general fund.

ACTION ITEM:  The Policy Committee is to develop a policy around donations that includes the acceptance and distribution of restricted funds, to be presented at the May 21st Board meeting.

ACTION ITEM:  C. Harris is to make a separate line item for the donation until such time it is decided how to spend it.


Airline Tickets:  S. Wicksall and J. Koberlein will be attending Library Advocacy Day in Washington D.C. on May 7 & 8, 2018.  Educational travel expenses have previously been budgeted.

RESOLVED:  on motion of H. Perera, seconded by S. Hanrahan, that an expense of $500 for plane tickets ($250 each) be allowed.  Motion carried.





RESOLVED, that payment be made of vouchers #47-64 inclusive for March 27, 2018 to April 23, 2018, which exception of voucher #63 for $5,000, in the amount of $8,101.41.  Motion made by S. Hanrahan and seconded by H. Darrow.  Motion carried.



DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  The Director’s report was sent to all Trustees prior to the meeting for review and included her submission of several grant proposals, outreach to both Governor Cuomo and Congressman Katko, and the coordination of the presentation of Josiah Henson: The Real Uncle Tom at Canaltown Theater.



TOWN LIAISON:  B. Babcock explained it has been brought to the Town Board’s attention by its attorney, that because the Library is its own entity, with its own Board of Trustees, using a Town building, a Lease between the two is necessary and should have been in effect since 2003.  H. Darrow distributed copies of the proposed Lease to the Board for review.

              H. Darrow stated that she has been in contact with a pro bono group who works with 501(c)(3) organizations to review this Lease.  They are trying to connect her with an attorney who specializes in municipal library law.  This could take up to 2 months to arrange.

              S. Wicksall stated that if the Library and Town were to apply for a construction grant through NYS, any lease held by the Town would have to be for a minimum of ten (10) years.

ACTION ITEM:  All Trustees to review the Lease and give input before or at the May 21st Board meeting.


B. Babcock to discuss the following items at next Town Board meeting:

              a.           G. Crane will be presenting quarterly report at the May 10th meeting

              b.           Lease term concern regarding construction grant

              c.           Is the Town ok with volunteers painting Library

              d.           That Library Trustees will be reviewing proposed Lease and discussing it with an attorney

              e.           S. Wicksall’s phone has not been working for 2 weeks.






CAUSEWAVE:  H. Darrow reminded the Board that there is a meeting with Causewave, Monday, May 14 at 6:00 pm, to discuss how to strengthen our positive impact on our community.




SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT:  Discussion was had about alternative types of libraries in NYS.  The concept of a Special District Library was explored.




Advocacy and Publicity:  Now that there is a firm date and time for the presentation of Josiah Henson: The Real Uncle Tom, the committee will begin publicizing it.  H. Darrow distributed all newspaper and other media outlets’ contact information to the Trustees.


Finance:  G. Crane is seeking volunteers to assist with the Budget.  H. Darrow and D. Napolitano volunteered.


Policy:  The committee will work on a gift-giving policy for the next Board meeting.


H. Darrow is looking for someone, not necessarily a Trustee, to be a liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Friends of the Macedon Public Library.




H. Perera, T. Longyear and G. Crane will review the Abstract in May.


WEBINAR:  Following the adjournment, the Board was planning to watch What it Means to Be a Trustee, part of the “Short-Takes for Trustees” series.




RESOLVED:  on motion by S. Hanrahn and seconded by H. Perera, that the meeting adjourn at 8:33 pm.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be May 21, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the Macedon Public Library.



Kathy Koehler