Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 02/28/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


  1. Call to Order-Called to order @ 6:37pm by John
  1. Roll Call-Melissa Perrino, John Bannon, Jerry Tucker Marissa Selleck, Community Member Pat Pullinen
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-N/A

II. Approval of Minutes

             A. 02/21/2019: Postponed; ½ the members are at the LMHUUSD Information

             Meeting in Mt. Holly this evening.

III. Business

            A. Updates

                1. New Marketing Consultant, via MP-Katie Hamlin, a marketing resource

                through OMS, responded to Melissa’s email offering a position; Katie

                Hamlin herself cannot accept due to already having a full schedule, but

                can send us another reference through the Farmer’s Market.  

                        *Will follow up on Farmer’s Market Contact

                2. Fundraising Resource, via MP-Reached out to another resource/contact

                for fundraising purposes (Lindsey Hartley), who would be happy to assist

                us when time comes and can be in touch via email for any questions or

                concerns in the meantime;

                        *Also a Weston contact; possibly doing a pop up at Floodbrook

                Public Comment from Pat Pullinen (PP), 3 Key Q’s: Donation Letter

                looked great but how was group selected?

                MP: Limited amount of letters, selected most imminent/supportive

                community members (first round)

                Q: What happens to money…?

                JB: The money helps with costs; we are also forming a sub-committee and

                have utilized a fundraising consultant, which the money helps provide for.

                Q: What about reaching alumni? Visuals to help catch their attention?

                MS: Yes, that is another category we discussed w/ the fundraiser

                JB: And we are planning on building a thermometer to track progress for

                community to watch; & upgrading our 501(c)3 status

                MP: There is also a list on our webpage but it is not as visible;

                        *Follow up on making list more visible/accessible

                PP: Can provide us with contact information of BRHS Alumni Assoc,

                excellent resource to collaborate with.

                        *Suggestion of conducting a telethon; to follow up on!


             B. Discussion

                1. OVTV Interview-2:30/2:45pm tomorrow afternoon; JB, MP, & MS to

                attend; interview will be both updates of current status as well as

                discussion amongst ourselves of the purpose/efforts.  Main update is

                that our Capital Campaign has begun and it will be a continuous effort.

                PP: Offered that public is looking for information about BRA: mission,

                vision, curriculum;

JB: Reiterated that we can be individualized based (that we can cater to

students’ strengths), we’ll have more money & resources to do so, and

that we’ll still have the leverage to motivate students to TRY

                2. Communicating/Collaborating with Other Schools-Emphasis on we

                are still building a school for our community;

                Possible communications/collaborations include Long Trail School (may

                invite for fair; potential to tour the school to see student body and how it

                could serve our population; striving for 40 students to send bus for);

                OMS other possibility

                        *Follow up on scheduling a meeting w/ the OMS Board

                3. Town Meeting Presence-Sharing current update/status; requesting

                more ideas/input/feedback from the community; provide swag

IV. Public Comment-See above, feedback/discussion with Pat Pullinen

V. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

Interview/Town Meeting Update

Executive Order-Review Board Structure

BRA Mission/Vision

501(c)3 Upgrade Application

Follow Up w/ Katie Hamlin for Marketing Contact (via MP)

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned @ 7:20pm by JB