Work done

Started AGI Safety Fundamentals course, read and discussed papers for the first few weeks with my cohort
Applied to a research fellowship, completed two stages of interview process

Continued work on my side project, testing out deployment platforms for the web app (life calendar) and reading about API query languages such as GraphQL

Went through application process for PIBBSS (Principles of Intelligent Behavior in Biological and Social Systems)

Applied to 5 job positions, completed two interviews so far and planned logistics for another one

Coordinated and organized website, Slack, and Swapcard for the SERI conference

Reviewed programming/algorithms knowledge using online practice questions


Reviewed CS fundamentals and worked on more programming interview questions

Started and built a prototype podcast feed generator

Continued applying for jobs


Started EA Forum/LessWrong post authorship bias analysis by constructing a dataset of post metadata


Started reviewing material for MLAB TA position

Reviewing intro ML/linear algebra/stats and intro CS material for interviews

Applied for more research engineering jobs