Please find the most updated version of the garden map here

  1. Leading a work party

Write to us with a preferred two hour or one hour slot. Guidelines can be found here: Work party protocol

  1. Leading a plot assignment orientation

Write to us with a date and time. Guidelines can be found here: Orientation protocol

  1. Purchases

Current list of items to be purchased can be found here: Purchase list.  Purchasing and reimbursement information can be found here. Please write to us with a request for purchase approval for the items in the list you would like to purchase for the garden. Pictures of purchased items after delivering them to the garden need to be sent to receive work credit (upto 1 hour). Please let us know if you have any suggestions of items to be added to the purchase list

  1. Emptying trash from the bins near the main gate and the south gate

The trash from the bins in the garden needs to be emptied into the dumpsters outside the garden in the village. Please send us before and after pictures to receive work credit. Work credit for emptying bins from both gates is 30 minutes. Work credit for emptying bins at only one of the gates is 15 minutes.

  1. Maintenance of unassigned plots

We conducted the last plot assignment orientation of this year on 10/22/2019. We will not be assigning any more plots until we complete plot renewals in January 2020. We have a few unassigned plots remaining. This project involves clearing one of the unassigned plots and planting a cover crop and maintaining it until 31 January 2019. Please write to to get a list of unassigned plots. Work credit will be 4 to 8 hours based on the size and condition of the plot. Before and after pictures of the area have to be emailed to receive work credit

  1. Maintaining paths/community spaces

Highlight the paths/areas you would like to clear and mulch on the garden map and send us a copy. Also, send pictures of the chosen areas. We will provide mulch, weed barrier and ground staples. You will have to send before and after pictures showing the work done to receive work credit

Please send a picture of the area you plan to clear to at least a day in advance of working on it so that it can be confirmed that the area is unassigned. We recently had gardeners clear and mulch someone’s plot assuming it was a community area and we want to make sure this never happens again.

  1. Making a dichondra lawn in the orchard

We want to try planting ground covers in the orchard. We have purchased dichondra seeds. Project will involve marking out a section of the orchard to work on, weeding it, adding compost, planting the dichondra seeds and watering the area regularly for a couple of months until the ground cover is established. Work credit will be based on the amount of area worked on. You can start with a small area. If you have a suggestion of a different ground cover that will work better for the area, please let us know and we can work on purchasing the seeds. Please write to us with a picture of the section of the orchard you would like to work on to get more details and the materials.

  1. Trial run for a new way to mark plot boundaries and create permanent pathways

We would like to find a more durable way (than the stakes we are currently using) to mark plot boundaries and find methods other than mulching to maintain our paths. Please send a proposal with your ideas and materials needed for a trial run with one or two plots and the paths surrounding them (can be your own plot and the paths surrounding it). We want to stay away from plastics, rubber, metal and use natural materials that are safe for an organic garden. Some ideas we are considering can be found here. Project will involve purchasing necessary materials and installing them.  Purchasing and reimbursement information can be found here 


  1. Paperless plot renewals for 2020:

We would like to transition to electronic waivers and garden rules forms for garden plot renewals and new plot assignments. We need a volunteer to help us get permission from the village office for paperless renewals in 2020 and set this up. Please write to us to get more details about past discussions about paperless renewals with the village office and next steps to be taken.


  1. Setting up a pre-approved list of items for the garden

We would like to have a list of items that gardeners can bring into the garden without having to turn in a request approval form. The project will involve making a list of items and getting them approved by our garden adviser for a pre-approved list

  1. Propose your own project:

Please write to us with any ideas you have for the overall betterment of the garden (example: suggestions of tools we can add, a better way to organize the tool shed, a better use for any of our common spaces or a better way to maintain them etc.) and we can try to create an independent project for you.