GMS 2018 Attendees!

Parent at GMS!

Adam Menter

I’m a systems thinker whose projects focus on catalyzing learning and building community. At Autodesk, I work as a Business Architect. It’s a new and fascinating role that tries to understand and tune how we structure our work and relationships, towards better shared outcomes that help realize the company’s vision. Prior to this role, I managed Autodesk’s learning programs for sustainable engineering and design. Some current interests include transpersonal psychology and sacred activism. I am at home in the redwoods.

Adam Cohen

I'm a clinical psychologist with Brooklyn roots and hippie tendencies. I love authentic connection, playfulness, physical contact, and contemplating the meaning of life. I value kindness, authenticity, integrity, loyalty, mindfulness, exploration, personal development, social justice, and sustainability.

Airyka Rockefeller

I'm an artist, photographer, home-cook, scavenger, collector, reader, dancer, open-water swimmer and dreamer. I'm attending Greenermind to document the weekend visually from the perspective of an insider, whose heart and mind are inspired by the work of artists and those who work for social and environmental justice across the board and across boundaries. Excited to join!

Alejandro Moreno S.

Cofounder/VP Marketing at VenturePad, a coworking space, meeting center & entrepreneurship hub which won the 2018 Small Green Business Award for the City of San Rafael & 2018’s Top Game Changer for North Bay Biz Magazine; launching VentureWorks, an incubator later this summer. Conference Organizer for Marin Sustainable Enterprise Conference, CleanTech Summit & Finance Your Business Summit. MBA in Sustainable Enterprise at Dominican U; polyglot, musician and organic olive farmer (Tuscany).

Allie Wilson Plasek

I live in Oakland with my fabulous partner Matt. We foster cats. I love olives and other salty lacto fermented goodies. Actually, I just like fermented things in general. I am a gardener and a co-owner in a landscaping cooperative. I love to learn about soil ecology.

Amanda Joy Ravenhill

Ravenhill is Executive Director at the Buckminster Fuller Institute and an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges. She previously held the role of Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming. She also serves as advisor to the Center for Carbon Removal and is a member of the steering committee for the Nexus Global Climate Change Working Group. Other positions she has held include lecturer at Presidio Graduate School, teaching the Principles of Sustainable Management course; co-founder of The Hero Hatchery, a climate activist fellowship program; Business Partnership Coordinator at; and Americorp Sustainable Communities and Education Fellow.

Andrew Smith

Sustainability engineer (civil & construction) turned ed-tech software engineer. Passionate about changing the world. Teaches and DJs social dancing internationally. Loves dark chocolate and tea.

Annette Poliwka

Annette is a nature lover. She's all about getting people (especially more women) outdoors! With years under her belt at the USEPA and with various environmental local, federal, and international governments, she leads the City of Berkeley on their Zero Waste quest and consults with organizations on their sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives. Contact her if you're interested in planning a cleanup event for your friends or colleagues for National World Cleanup Day in September!

Avary Kent

Bringing new companies from idea to reality is Avary Kent's passion. Avary blends scientific analysis with business acumen and operational expertise to help bring new companies and products to market. Avary excels in early stage companies that are focused on creating new holistic systems to manage growth and scale to create high impact products and services. She is the Executive Director of and applies her expertise in facilitation, experience design, capacity building trainings, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and human centered design to support organizations to increase the effectiveness of convening as a tool for change.

Bennett D Chabot

Bennett loves Greenermind for the community. He's been to a few summits in his 6ish years in the Bay, 5 of which now spent on the interface of renewable energy and the power grid at PG&E. Bennett's currently focused on the innovation function at PG&E, trying to push the practices in his workspace towards playful, improvisational, user centered, design thinking approaches. He also performs and teaches improv, climbs rocks, and skis where there are no chairlifts.

Beth Ferguson

Beth Ferguson is Assistant Professor of Design at The University of California Davis. She is the director of Sol Design Lab, a design/build studio that specializes in solar charging stations for electric bikes. She has collaborated with public utilities, festivals, cities, and universities to position solar energy as a civic and public resource. She has engaged thousands of participants in the development of projects such as solar charging stations, up-cycled public furniture, Climate Kits, and Eco Maps.

Bill Caemmerer

Tree-loving human from the East coast, I have a background in "user experience" design for the web, and am looking for ways to get involved in (and geek out on) interesting endeavors and good causes. Music is a participant sport I love to share. And frisbee.

Caitlin Hildebrand

Caitlin Hildebrand is a Nurse Practitioner and Yoga Teacher passionate about Integrative Health, Primary Care, and helping people develop self-care regimens that maximize their well-being. She leads Quality Improvement for Nursing for the San Francisco Veterans Health Administration, teaches inter-professional trainees in Primary Care, and uses advanced Video TeleHealth to see rural patients with limited access to care. She has training and experience in leading change through Lean methodology.

Camille Herrera

When I was little, it never entered my mind that one day my career would include sorting through trash. But it does—and I love it! I’m on a mission to reduce waste and GHG emissions by looking upstream to the purchasing and designing stages, and improve the quality of recycled materials (closed-loop recycling as opposed to downcycling). In fact, I’m so passionate about resource sustainability that I’m currently getting my Master’s of Environmental Science and Management. Other passions include campfires, dancing, tasty food, traveling, and in general new experiences.

Chris Gagné

Chris Gagné is an Agile Coach and meditation teacher. His life mission is to reduce the suffering of living beings through teaching, mentoring, and coaching. Chris also enjoys software/hardware tinkering, cooking, photography, and rubbing his dog's belly. He is a big fan of social events and campouts like Greenermind and would love to hear about more!

Christina Olsen

Regenerative cities advocate / urban sustainability generalist / seeker of fun. A better human being than a human doing. Past lives include stints with a peak oil think tank, government contaminated site management group, UK environmental documentary organization, and Caribbean conservation organization. Currently helping develop First Nations solar projects and looking for a next interesting thing. Keen on education, resilience at all scales, urban metabolism, holism, regenerative design trajectory, transportation pyramid, SF Bay regional planning, and saving every Mission dive bar…one beer at a time.

Christine Peterson

Christine Peterson is a futurist, author, and speaker on coming technologies, especially nanotech, AI, and longevity. She is credited with coining the term ‘open source software.’ She also gives talks on Finding Love & a Life Partner; see YouTube. She has a book draft on this topic that she is happy to share via email with Greenermind folks.

Connie Kwan

Product Executive in Tech, Consultant, Advisor, Agile Development and Transparency practitioner, alum @Atlassian @MSFT @Carrot (health tech quit-smoking startup) @SunPower @CY, Mother, Dancer, Canadian, Ukulele player, occasional Stilt-walker

Corinna Kester

Corinna is a corporate social responsibility strategist and consultant. She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Sustainability from the University of Cambridge. At Greenermind, you'll find her instigating acroyoga jams under the redwoods, wearing silly hats on kitchen shifts, and caught up in late-night discussions by the fire.

David Conca

My friend dragged me here.

Deirdre Cerminaro

Deirdre is a systems designer at IDEO, a global design and innovation firm. Talk to her about how design can advance education and humanize our justice system. Deirdre is a proud Hufflepuff, currently into deck-building games, and an Enneagram Type 4 Wing 3 with 1-on-1 subtype. Find her if you have any idea what that means.

Elena Krieger

Elena works on clean energy at a non-profit energy science and policy organization in Oakland, California.

Eric Liu

I BELIEVE - technology can change the world

- in working smarter, not harder

- in believing in people

- in change as a constant

- that optimism is the realistic best choice

- in learning, creating, and aiding

- that bulleted lists are more efficient and FUUUUUUUN

Parent at GMS!

Hitesh Soneji

Love nature, outdoors, meeting new folks. Faculty at CCSF in Engineering and Sustainability. Work in the distributed energy space, currently focused on transit electrification and grid services, of all sorts! Goal: reduce emissions.

Holly Pearson

Holly is an urban planner specializing in local strategies to promote sustainability, with an interest in cities in the U.S. as well as in the global south. She has worked as a planner for the Cities of Oakland, San Francisco, and Vancouver BC. She has also worked on community-based planning projects in Argentina, Peru and Colombia. Holly is currently a senior planner with the consulting firm Michael Baker International and serves as the Sustainability Director with the American Planning Association’s California Chapter – Northern Section.

Ilonka Zlatar

Hi! I'm a lifelong activist, now working on equity in climate investments in California. I work for the Air Resources Board, but also volunteer for 350 Sacramento, so it's all climate all day! I also love good food and spontaneous dance parties!

Jenny Knipe

I'm a materials scientist with a passion for renewable energy, a carbon neutral economy, and developing technology for sustainability. I spend my free time exploring (hiking, camping) and photographing the great outdoors.

Jeremy Faludi

Jeremy is an assistant professor of engineering at Dartmouth, specializing in green product design and green 3D printing. He designed the first version of for the Biomimicry Institute, and a bicycle he helped design was in the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt design museum in 2007. He authored VentureWell's Tools for Design and Sustainability, and has contributed to six books, including Worldchanging: A User's Guide to the 21st Century.

Jeremy Lehrer

Jeremy is a writer and editor interested in the intersection of sustainability, spirituality, humor, and psychology. As a meditation teacher, he has led groups focused on mental wellness. He formerly wrote a column about sustainability and design for Print magazine and is currently figuring out how he can best support the long-term well-being of people and planet.

Jim Turner

Traveling back to the wonderful land of Mendocino for a momentary respite from the Austin heat and so very excited to return to the arms of my GMS family for #9. By vocation, I help water utilities to educate their customers and enable transparency about their water-use with WaterSmart Software. At this important inflection point, I am interested in promoting critical infrastructure and environmental resilience, co-creating inclusive and enduring solutions, and practicing and teaching everyday presence and practical abandon.

Jocelyn Ryder

I make visual art, write songs, sing gospel music in my church choir, and don't believe in calling the police. I am an accountability, equity and inclusion consultant and social-responsibility focused copywriter and copyeditor.

Jonas Leddington

Former academic, investor, artist, and executive. Now a zen practitioner into botany, figuring out next steps. Father to beautiful twins, Jordan and Corbin.

Jonathan Morgenstein

Jonathan is an inveterate traveler in search of new adventures, interesting places, good people, people who are good, and idealistically practical ways to improve the world. These travels have drawn him through 35 states and over 70 countries. His international paths have included: university studies in Mexico City, Copenhagen, and Tel Aviv; human rights and election observation missions in Chiapas, Mexico, Darfur, Sudan, Republic of Georgia, and Egypt; launching a solar business in Palestine, as well as two tours in Iraq and one in Bosnia with the Marines. He believes plastic and sitting too much are fatal. Although his dream of playing linebacker for the NY Giants may have passed him by, he still aspires to work (for a different President) on the National Security Council someday.

Jordana Grader

Jordana is a holistic counselor working to weave earth-based practices more deeply into mental health. Her practice weaves eco-psychology, somatic psychology, Peruvian Shamanism, hatha yoga, and spiritual inquiry to help individuals and groups connect more deeply to themselves, community, and the planet.

Jos Hill

I am an experienced conservation practitioner who works across sectors to integrate science, economics and technology to design the next generation of solutions for our planet. I have spent much of my career tackling marine conservation issues in various ways including promoting sustainable fishing, designing sustainable mariculture livelihoods, mitigating sewage impacts and sustainable watershed management and restoration. I love to work at the nexus of poverty alleviation and sustainable resource management and on designing high impact projects that leverage impact capital.

Joshua Kagan

Joshua is passionate about living in a world where 100+% of our energy comes from renewable sources and humanity has awoken to our limitless potential and our interconnected nature. Joshua is an entrepreneur, green financier, and fellow traveller on this big cosmic enchilada called life

Julia Bossmann

Julia Bossmann is is fascinated by the human brain, artificial intelligence, and how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming our world. She serves as Director of Strategy at Fathom Computing, a start-up to build an optical computer for machine learning, and at the World Economic Forum as council member for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Previously she served as president of Foresight Institute, a leading organization for world-changing technologies, and worked at McKinsey & Company, Anticip8 Analytics, and Bosch Research & Technology.

Julie Menter

Ventures, a fund and national network of early stage investors supporting startups that create progressive political change.

Throughout her career, Julie has searched for opportunities to make a positive impact on the world around her. As a strategy consultant, first with the Boston Consulting Group and then with Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting, she has worked with large companies and non-profit organizations to redefine what good business means.

Katrina Zavalney

Katrina is a community organizer and started a nonprofit this year Aranya Solutions to support community development around the world. She has spent most of this last year in Nepal. She is also a Rotarian and brings a new perspective to a whole village solution with a Master’s degree in Organization Development and over 15 years of community development, event planning and sustainability experience. Katrina likes to be involved in things that have an impact. She helped green Disney and Burning Man in 2006 inspiring the theme for 2007 to be the "Green Man". Lastly, Katrina loves to dance!!

Kelly Stenhoff

A non-profit program management specialist specialized in monitoring, evaluation and learning, Kelly’s curiosity and values draw her to explore means by which social impact organizations may fairly and democratically serve constituents. This includes inviting honest experiences of individuals and communities and facilitating co-creation of intervention design and metrics. A returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Tanzania) and Swahili speaker, Kelly continued to live and work in East Africa for five years subsequent to her service before moving to Northern California. Certified as a holistic health coach, yoga teacher and permaculture designer, Kelly was also a horse trainer and free range kid growing up in rural Minnesota. Kelly is currently searching for new professional opportunities and is based in Oakland.

Marc O’Brien

Marc has been working with people who give a damn since 2009. He is the co-founder of The Determined, a creative studio for a climate-resilient world by helping companies with their messaging, branding, and strategy so that their solutions can get support from as many people as possible.

Marco A. Colón

I'm born and raised in Oakland, family from New York. I'm passionate about creating the possibility of home for people, and creating community through the process. This year I'm looking to create a positive impact for teachers’ housing in the Bay Area, through public/private partnerships. I’m a huge fan of creating value and possibilities in community.

Marisa Villarreal

Malcolm Gladwell would characterize me as a “connector”. I'm happiest when I'm connecting people to ideas, causes, and one another. I'm a native Californian, living in Oakland and working in the environmental world - specifically on climate change adaptation and resilience planning. I like to spend the time I'm not working being outside, getting all up in nature, and exploring all the natural beauty this state has to offer. I strive to be compassionate, open-minded/hearted, and supportive. I'm motivated by people who follow their heart, and I'm looking forward to experiencing a new community of amazing folks!

Matt Wilson Plasek

Excited about scaling regenerative (or carbon) farming to help mitigate climate change and solve a bunch of other problems. Also excited about (somehow) kickstarting a space-based economy because of my aerospace background. Last 4 years working on additive manufacturing in startups. Living in Oakland with my awesome partner Allie with dreams of having a versatile farm not so far away.

Melanie Colburn

Climate change top of mind. Currently focused on the 30% of CO2 attributable to the built environment. Former sustainability strategy/management consultant. Lover of long runs, high mountains, and green forests.

Mikhail Haramati

Mikhail is an artist, thinker, energy policy wonk, and empathy master. She loves learning, intellectual conversation, new ideas, beauty, and encouraging others to be their best selves.

Mitra Ardron

Serial Social Innovator & bleeding-edge improvisor, areas of expertise include internet decentralization; renewable energy; sustainable solutions to poverty; intentional community. Currently split time between San Francisco & Byron Bay Australia, but have also spent chunks of time living or working in India, Russia (shhh), Kenya, Indonesia.

MJ Broadbent

Over 20 years as a UX design leader, facilitator, synthesizer, and visual sense-maker in NYC and SF Bay Area (where I am currently located). I'm an independent consultant with expertise in user-centered design methods, outcome-based workshops and meetings incorporating sketchnotes, graphic recording, and illustrations as explanatory tools. I am also a student of horticulture fascinated by systems comprising our natural world. I love to share the visual beauty I see via Instagram.

Nicholas Austin

Novice Beekeeper, Fire-Juggler, & Public Speaker — Nick is a Berkeley-trained environmental techie who loves selling the business case for sustainable design, products, and ideas. If Nick didn’t have GHGs to drawdown (and bay area rent to pay), he would travel the world to learn about other cultures, while writing fiction and learning martial arts. He’ll still do this someday.

Nicole Sroka

Coming to GMS #5 with so much love for this community, and the trees! I'm a change consultant, yoga teacher, and free spirit! After many years of working for big corporations, I launched my own consultancy - Mind Moves - to navigate and lead transformative change for values-driven clients and projects. I integrate my specialities in sustainable business, organizational change management, and yoga to drive positive impact. Ask me about bicycling, serving the homeless, and green investments too. Can't wait to meet you!

Nicole Greenspan

Nicole is passionate about collaborating with communities to co-create a more just and sustainable future, using tools such as community-based social marketing, design thinking and regenerative design. Currently creating multi-touch marketing campaigns for local government to promote pro-environmental behaviors at Gigantic Idea Studio, she previously worked on sustainability initiatives at Stanford University, US Green Building Council, Alliance for Climate Education and SEPLAN Brazil. When not exploring wicked problems, you might find her dancing, backpacking, meditating, traveling, and asking questions.

Nicole Garzino

I design and engage communities of support for visionaries and their big ideas. Currently Director of Membership for innovative collaborative philanthropy community, Battery Powered. Experienced arts administrator and cultural leader for theaters, museums, cultural economic development initiatives, and creative place-making. Also, Principal Consultant for Audiate Creative, audience engagement and growth for creative nonprofits. Photographer/Writer/storymaker in my spare time and mother of 4 future changemakers.

Nya Van Leuvan

Nya has always had a deep-seated passion for the environment and understanding human behavior. She is the executive director of Root Solutions, an organization that works at the confluence of both these disciplines. Her past work at Environmental Defense Fund was focused on the application of research in institutional design, sociology, economics and other fields to create policies and design principles that facilitate rational environmental decision-making, namely in service of preserving the world’s oceans. Nya holds a M.A. from the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, in conjunction with the Institute of Human Origins, at Arizona State University. She holds a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley. She was born and raised in San Francisco but now lives across the bay in Emeryville. On the side, Nya designs festival clothing and mixed metal jewelry.

Patricia Chin-Sweeney

Co-Founder of I-DEV International, a strategy, innovation and investment advisory firm focused on Africa, Latin America. Focus mostly on clean energy, agriculture, mobile/fintech and corporate innovation. SF/Kenya. Also, an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and lecturer at Singularity University, and a recently certified yoga instructor! Also looking at some things in corporate innovation and supply chain…

Paulina Golikova

I am a systems thinker, a conceptual creative, and an ardent activist dedicated to the stewardship of global reparation. Equity/ecology/economy is my compass, while food and agriculture are my mediums of choice. I am guided by the principles of food justice, food sovereignty, agroecology, regenerative agriculture, and intersectional feminism.

Rachek Barge

Rachek has a few obsessions: wearing crazy costumes, ending industrial animal agriculture, dancing to anything, driving growth for impact startups, and doing buttloads of yoga. Rachek is an ethical vegan—and she works for a meat company. True story! Ask her about it! Rachek is devastated that Boris is moving to Africa, so make sure to tell him NOT TO GO. See you at the talent show!

Ryan Kushner

I am a geek for startup accelerators, climate change, cleantech, carbontech and oceantech. I am the author of “Accelerate This! A Super Not Boring Guide To The Wild World Of Startup Accelerators And Clean Energy Entrepreneurship" and I leverage my experience and research to help design and run accelerator programs all over the world.

Sam Arons

Sam joined Lyft in 2018 as Director of Sustainability to build out the company's environmental program. Prior to Lyft he spent 10 years at Google where he co-led the achievement of 100% renewable energy, making Google the largest non-utility purchaser of renewables on the planet with over 3 GW of wind & solar under contract. He holds an MS in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley and a BA in Physics from Williams College, and in between spent a year teaching math in Morocco. Outside of work you can find Sam running or biking along the Embarcadero in San Francisco, cross-country skiing in Tahoe, or enjoying a good palindrome (Tahiti hat!).

Sara Cobble

Sara Cobble is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pono Home and has an MA in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development from Hawaii Pacific University and a BA in Creative Writing from the University of New Mexico. She spends her free time doing aerial and terrestrial dancing and teaching group exercise classes at 24 Hour Fitness.

Scott Cooney

Committed to environmental and social progress since childhood, Scott's a 5x eco-entrepreneur, 2x author, and 1x board game developer. Currently, Scott's the CEO of Pono Home, a company that greens homes and lives to reduce footprints, save people money and improve health & wellness. He lives in Honolulu and dreams of one day being part of an ecovillage with a bunch of other cool green minded folks.

Scott Oltmann

I spent over seven years living and working abroad in various capacities from allying with endangered indigenous communities in South America to engaging with students in Southeast Asia. I deeply care about equity, inclusion, and always keeping an open mind for opportunities to be a better human, friend, and lover. I'm also passionate about being outdoors, moving at high speeds, and "dad" jokes.

All conversations are welcomed!

Steffen Kuehr

Steffen is a passionate entrepreneur in the sewing industry pursuing the goal to create more sustainable apparel & textile manufacturing jobs here in the United States. His brand focuses on diverting used materials from the landfill and upcycling them into unique and purposeful new products. Originally from Germany, Steffen spent many years working in the telecommunications industry in the UK and Austria before moving to California in 2007. He is a passionate traveler, photographer, tennis player and busy father of three.

Tanya Libby

I'm an Epidemiologist with a passion for using data to inform public health policy. When I'm not investigating disease outbreaks or tracking antibiotic resistance, you'll usually find me rock climbing, backcountry skiing or frolicking in an alpine meadow. I previously worked in Tanzania and Ecuador and my current research focuses on the social and environmental determinants of health.

Ted Ko

GMS veteran looking forward to dancing in the woods with you all. Happy to wonk out on anything clean energy and policy/politics related. First time GMS parent excited to introduce my little girl to the tribe

Zeke Hausfather

Zeke is the US Analyst for Carbon Brief, a research scientist at Berkeley Earth, and is finishing a PhD with the Energy and Resources Group at U.C. Berkeley. He was previously the lead data scientist at Essess, Inc, an energy efficiency startup that develops vehicle mounted thermal imaging systems, the senior climate analyst at Project Drawdown, the chief scientist at C3 Energy, and the cofounder and chief scientist of Efficiency 2.0, a behavior-based energy efficiency company. His current research focuses on improving observational estimates of surface and near-surface temperatures, climate model/observation comparisons, and climate impacts of energy systems.