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Advent Wreath Instructions
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Toilet Paper and Paper Plate Advent Wreath

Supplies Needed:

Paper Plate
4 Toilet Paper Rolls
1 Paper Towel Roll (cut to about ¾ size)
Either: green paper, green tissue paper, green paint or green marker
Either: Pink, Purple, White paper or paint
Either: Yellow paper, Yellow tissue paper or yellow marker and white paper

  1. Gather Supplies
  2. Color the candles
  1. If you’re using paper, cut paper to size and glue around the toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Make 3 purple candles, 1 pink and the taller candle should be white.
  2. You may also paint the toilet paper and paper towel rolls to be the appropriate colors
  1. If you’re using green paint or paper to make the wreath part – cover the paper plate with these items and let dry.
  1. If you’re using tissue paper do nothing right now.
  1. Attach the candles with glue to the paper plate
  1. White in the center and the colors around
  1. If you were using green tissue paper for the wreath stick small pieces to the paper plate around the candles now.
  2. When it is time to light the candles make flames with yellow paper or yellow tissue paper and tape them inside the appropriate toilet paper roll.

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