1.        Purpose


The School Board recognizes the need to maintain security of school facilities for reasons of safety, vandalism and theft.

2.        Delegation of         Responsibility

Toward this end, a program of building security shall be administered by the Superintendent or designee, with the cooperation of building principals. The need for access shall be the underlying principle in determining who will have keys to school properties.

The Superintendent or designee shall determine who is entitled to building(s) keys and who may have after hours' access to District facilities.

3.        Guidelines

After the start of the school day, access to the building shall be limited to one (1) entrance. All other entrances shall be locked.

Access to District buildings and grounds shall be established in accordance with the following guidelines:

Unlimited Access


Assistant Superintendent.

Business Manager.


Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds.

Others as determined by the Superintendent.

Board access as approved by the Board.

Limited Access

Board access as approved by the Board.

Building principals to assigned building.

Assistant principals to assigned building.

Head building custodians to assigned building.

Extracurricular sponsors or supervisors for their area or activity.


Possession of keys by personnel shall be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. A log of key assignments shall be maintained in the Superintendent's office or a designated office.

  1. Duplicate keys shall be maintained in a safe or a secured box.

  1. Individuals may not duplicate or lend assigned keys.

  1. All keys must be surrendered when no longer needed or upon request of the Superintendent or designee.

  1. Loss of a key must be reported immediately to the Superintendent or designee.

  1. Overnight key loans may be made by request to the Superintendent or designee.

  1. Use of keys for unauthorized purposes will result in surrender of keys.

  1. A set of master and/or duplicate keys shall be kept in the custody of the Superintendent or designee.

After hours' entry to District buildings shall be controlled in accordance with these guidelines:

  1. The building custodian on duty shall restrict entry to one (1) controlled point.

  1. Entry to a District building shall be prohibited when a person authorized as representative for the building is not present.

Use Of Building By Staff In The Evening

When staff members use the building in the evening, such use shall be directly related to the educational program.

The staff member must assume responsibility for the security of the building and leave the building in a safe, secure manner.

If the students are involved, the teacher must be on hand throughout the entire time the students are in the building.

The staff member in charge shall be responsible to make the proper arrangements for the use of any special equipment or building facility.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 510

Board Policy – 705, 907

Administrative Regulations – 709-AR, 709-AR-1

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