Note: The Masquerade Contest is based strictly on performance. To enter the craftsmanship and sewing based completion- please see the Hall Cosplay Contest page and the following Hall Cosplay rules, click here:

In the event of any changes to contest rules- all changes will be made public. Please check the rules page periodically before the event for any updates.


All participants must have paid for entrance into the event before check-in to the Masquerade Contest.

All members of Thy Geekdom Con staff are ineligible to compete in the Masquerade.

Skits can be from cartoons, comics, video games, anime, TV/Film, or any other genre of pop-culture/media. Original and fan characters ARE allowed for the masquerade!

Performers will not be judged on costume craftsmanship. All cosplays: handmade, purchased, or otherwise are ALL eligible to compete!


Registration for the Masquerade will be available both online prior to the event and on-site. Slots for the Masquerade will be limited, so pre-registration is highly recommended.

All contestants, both pre-registered and on-site applicants MUST check in at the Cosplay Contest booth. All contestants who fail to check in with the judges prior to their performance will be disqualified and ineligible to present onstage.

*Online registration can be found here.

Performance Divisions:


Master: For all cosplayers that have won more than 2 major awards* at previous masquerade contests.


Journeyman: For all cosplayers who have won 1-2 major awards* at previous masquerade contests.


Novice: For all beginner cosplayers who have never participated in a masquerade contest before OR have won no major awards* at any previous masquerade contests.


Youth: For all participants under the age of 13 that would like to participate in the Thy Geekdom Con Masquerade contest. Children may be accompanied by a parent/ legal guardian on stage

*Judge’s Awards and Honorable Mentions do not count as major craftsmanship awards.

Performance Rules:

Presentations will abide by the following time restrictions according to type of performance and group size:


All performances must follow the guidelines listed in the official Thy Geekdom Con Attendee Rules.

The masquerade is an all–ages event. All swearing, explicit sexual references and innuendo, or explicit violent themes are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification and suspension of performance in question.

Be aware of your surroundings and do not participate in potentially harmful or dangerous actions on stage, including (but not limited to): backflips, physical contact or fighting, splits, falling, jumping off stage. Thy Geekdom Con Staff is not liable for any injuries resulting from masquerade performances.

Any props that could result in injury and or messes, including (but not limited to): fire, smoke, food, and water are strictly prohibited.

Thy Geekdom Con will not provide any audio equipment including HDMI or audio Connections to personal devices or pre recordings.

Masquerade and Awards Show:

All contestants must arrive and wait in queue according to their given performance number prior to the beginning of the Masquerade stage show.

Awards will be presented as follows:

Best in Show (Best overall)

1a) Best Master

1b) Runner-Up Master

2a) Best Journeyman

2b) Runner-Up Journeyman

3a) Best Novice

3b) Runner-Up Novice

Best Youth

Honorable Mention