THE CHIMES // Deputy Editor

(News, Sports, A&E, Opinions, Copy, Web, Photo, Design, Business)

Basic function and responsibility:  

A Deputy Editor assists their supervisor with their duties, differing depending on the position. For instance, a Deputy Section Editor helps the Section Editor(s) oversee article production, while a Deputy Web Producer assists their supervisor in scheduling article uploads and social media posting. This position involves a weekly commitment, and Deputy Editors are expected to eventually perform in the same duties as their supervising editor. A Deputy Editor is usually, but not always, hired to a full Editor position for the following year, provided they complete the application process.


  1. Assist the supervising editor in primary functions (copyediting, creating infographics, writing stories, etc.)
  2. Receive one-on-one training from the supervising editor, meeting regularly and maintaining constant communication.
  3. Offer ideas to improve their section or the Chimes as a whole.
  4. Attend weekly budget meetings and production nights, presenting their section’s plans and ideas if called upon.
  5. Be prepared to take their supervisor’s position for the following year, if hired.
  6. Oversee and work with freelance writers and photographers corresponding to their section (if any).

Supervision received: Chimes Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Supervising Editor (i.e. News Editor, Web Editor)

Supervision of others: Depends on section; Deputy Section Editors and Deputy Photo Editors may be called upon to supervise freelancers or staff.


General: Proficient in skills necessary for corresponding section, such as strong writing abilities, a visual eye, or proficiency with design. All candidates should display a desire to learn and see the Chimes publication improve. Strong interpersonal skills and communication ability.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, have completed at least one semester at Biola University with a full-time student status and currently be enrolled as a full-time student. Prior work or class experience in journalism is preferable.