#271 - The Angry Chicken: “The Boomsday Project”


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The month of TAC travel has begun! This week Dills is on the west coast, next week Jocelyn will be traveling, and the week after I’ll be gone!

Expansion Announcement

The Boomsday Project!

Hearthstone’s next expansion, The Boomsday Project, has been announced leaked!

The reveal video can be found (unlisted) on the official Hearthstone YouTube. In it Dave Kosak and various members of Team 5 reveal new cards and mechanics.

Official blurb:

LEARN MORE about The Boomsday Project at TheBboomsdayProject.com 

The Boomsday Project card reveal livestream will begin at 10:00 am PST on July 23 at twitch.tv/playhearthstone.

New Single Player: Puzzle Lab

Don’t know anything else. But it’s shown in a screenshot.


Boomsday Project Cards (so far)

Project Cards

New type of Spell Card with powerful effects. But they benefit both players.

New Mechanic: Magnetic

Magnetic minions can be played on their own. But they can also be attached to a Mech Minion already in play and it will buff the existing mech with the Attack and Health as well as any effects.

Jamaro said it’s a new mechanic “for our mech minions” making it seem like we’ll only see this keyword on mechs.

Mechs in Standard

Currently there are only 8 mechs available in Standard and Dragonling Mechanic that spawns a Dragonling Mech. There must be a lot of mechs coming in with this expansion.

Mechs in GvG

43 minions with the Mech tag. This doesn’t count mech-synergy minions.

Legendary Spells

We got a preview of the Rogue’s.

Legendary Scientists

Theme is that Dr. Boom has assembled a team of scientists. Expect more mad scientist Legendaries.

Omega Cards

Straight-forward cards until 10 Mana. Then they have crazy effects.

  • Yes, full Mana Crystals.

Via CompHS reddit

  • Turn 1: Biology Project into Wild Growth
    Turn 2: Nourish into Wild Growth/Biology Project
    Turn 3: Innervate > Ultimate Infestation
  • Master Oakheart on turn 3 as Big Druid.

  • Need to see more Mechs

  • Super interesting with Kingsbane
  • Get creative with Dollmaster Dorian

  • Are we assuming double Overload?
  • Shudderwock
  • Double Bloodlust
  • Double burn spells
  • Opens up anti-aggro a little for less-efficient single-target removal.
  • Wild: Double Evolve!

  • Arena Arena Arena
  • Ramp Druid
    Though if you want your Oakheart / Dragonhatcher... other 2 Attack minions don’t make it in.

    So there’s a snag with current Taunt and Big Druids.

Pre-Purchase Bundles

The Boomsday Project (Standard Bundle) - $49.99

50 card packs

1 Random Golden Legendary

Mecha-Jaraxxus Card Back

Mega Bundle - $79.99

80 card packs

1 Random Golden Legendary

Mecha-Jaraxxus Card Back

New Warlock Hero Mecha-Jaraxxus

So we’re not moving to 70 cards for $50 permanently…

The Mega Bundle is $100 for me, so with the current exchange rate that’s a $10 tax for being Canadian. RIP. Somehow, the Standard Bundle is cheaper than the exchange rate, by $2.50. I hate localized currency.

PLUS, you can also pre-purchase the new MEGA BUNDLE, which features an 80 card pack bundle, a random Golden Legendary card from The Boomsday Project, the Mecha-Jaraxxus card back, and a new Warlock Hero: MECHA-JARAXXUS!

Get both the pre-purchase AND the MEGA BUNDLE for double the value!

For a limited time, log-in after The Boomsday Project launches for three card packs and a random Class legendary minion card from The Boomsday Project!  

The Boomsday Project releases August 7 2018 PST!


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Midsummer Fire Fest is returning! And we got a patch

Update 11.4 just went live:

Midsummer Fire Festival


And bug fixes...

HCT Italy

Hunterace is on a streak

“Two-and-Two” strategy


Tavern Talk 7-5-18

Fluffy fluff is fluffy.

Old Heroes

On the subject of bringing back old Heroes that are currently unavailable (a topic that has kept coming up for years now) Team 5 said they’re “hoping to bring back some of the ones we’ve featured in the past to give a wider audience a chance to get them.”

Why not more frequent balance updates?

Same reasons we’ve heard before.

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Cube Hunter

Crazy Game Stories

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Mike Y

Hello Ferocious Feathered Friends,

I started a new Taverns of Time arena as a priest and was lucky enough to hit a legendary. I had to turn down Ysera and Cairne, but I finally got to play with my girl Chromie.

Game one against a Warlock. I mulligan my entire hand only to be given a pile of 5+ costed cards. We trade minions the first couple turns and I get Chromie off the top on turn 4. She hits the empty board and I cross my fingers for the Epochs. I begin to stall out after he plays Doomguard into Dread Infernal, and trades away into my Wildlands Adventurer, who so graciously gave me an Ice Block. Then I draw not one, but two back-to-back epochs, giving me Tess Greymane, Velen, Cheat Death, and Flare. I see the combo coming before my eyes.

I play Cheat Death, Ice Block, and Flare. When Ice Block pops, I slam Tess Greymane. She puts Ice Block and Cheat Death back up, and Flare to draw a card. My opponent double Hellfires and kills Tess, only to have me be immune and Tess cheating death to go back into my hand, ready to loop again.

I eventually won from exhausting his deck, and an infinite combo never felt so good.


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Hello Classic rare neutral 1/1's that turn into 6/0's (BibleThump),

I came to a sudden realization during the Tavern of Time event about arena. The reason why I could never get into arena...... is because almost every run would result in a loss as the last game. I know it is a stupid reason.... but I find the moments when I finally feel attached to a deck that I drafted and played the exact same moment when I don't want to risk losing it forever. Does that make sense to you?

So this led me to thinking about alternatives/changes and I'd like to hear your thoughts.

What if arena is "play until you get 6 wins"? As comparison, 6-4 runs will be soft-infinite and 6-2 will be hard-infinite. After 6 losses you have a chance to queue into innkeeper to finish your run (and do that awesome synergy combo you drafted but never happened).

Maybe Garrett is correct, we just need a mode where your finished arena deck doesn't disappear until you retire it. Once you finish a run you can play against friends with that deck to your heart's content. Definitely the easiest thing to add to the game.


A Wild Welcome, Furious Fowl,

On your recent TAC episode you discussed how it would be cool for Blizzard to have more formats involving sets in different ways, and this gave me an idea for a tournament. One thing often brought up about tournaments is how they don't necessarily reward deck building, because everything is refined by the community.

What if there was a tournament that started with a set draft, like in MOBAs? First each player would ban a set from the pool, then each would choose a set for themselves. Then another round of bans: since your opponent chose Mean Streets of Gadgetzan perhaps they're going for a strong Druid deck, so do you ban Knights of the Frozen Throne to keep them away from Ultimate Infestation, or perhaps take it for yourself? Then another round or two of choosing sets, and each player builds a series of decks to face off against what they think their opponent will build with their own sets.

It could be WoW-themed by calling it something like the Infinite Dragonflight Clash. This could lead to some very "Wild" matchups that we've never seen before and be super interesting to watch.


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