Biology Aid Centre

BioAid Tutor Application Form 2018/19

Overview of Centre

The Biology Aid Centre is an initiative by the Biology Students’ Association. The purpose of this Centre is to foster an environment that will allow life sciences students in their first year of university to be able to grasp the concepts presented in BIOA01 and BIOA02. The students in this subject historically have seen significant pitfalls when faced with detailed concepts and their complex applications. The Biology Aid Centre is here to assist all first year biology students; our mandate is to provide learning assistance, guiding those needing help in the right direction so that they can master the university level biology topics.

Overview of Positions

  1. Peer mentor/tutor

As a mentor you will play a pivotal role in success of the centre. Mentors will:

  1. Facebook Live Session Host

As a host of the new weekly facebook live sessions, you will facilitate students learning by:

Application Process

Potential mentors will go through a rigorous process of checks to assure quality of tutors, in the following manner:

Shortly after the closing of applications, successful candidates who have moved into the second phase of the applications will be contacted for an interview. Interviewees will be asked to answer some questions a first year might ask in regards to biology. Candidates should recognize that tutors facilitate the student in biology, not provide answers explicitly.




Student Number:


Past Experience Tutoring (Most Recent) :

Company/Person Tutored:

Reference Contact:

Length of Tutor Time:

*Please Attach*

The hard copy of the applications are due by 19th of September at 5pm in BV 304. Slip under the door if the office is closed.

The electronic copies of the applications are due by 19th of September at 5pm. They should be emailed to 

Please note that the online or the electronic copies of the application should be submitted by the deadline to be considered. Failure to submit the application on time will render the application ineligible for consideration.