WeVideo and Book Creator Training


Brian Buffington, Director of Instructional Technology- Pioneer RESA

bbuffington@pioneerresa.org, 706.892.6991 (C), @pioneerRESAtech @brianbuffington

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  1. Summary: Teacher creates projects, teacher can include media (photos, videos, music) to be used, students login, make videos (individually or in groups), teacher can see project progress during the editing phase, teacher sees final video in WeVideo.
  2. Download The WeVideo App on Your Phone
  3. Today’s Objectives:
  1. Create Student Groups (AKA Classes)
  2. Create Student Projects
  3. Monitor and Assess Student Projects
  4. Create Teacher Videos
  1. Editing 101: Story Board vs. Timeline Modes, Layers, Adding Media, Titles, Effects, Screencasting, Audio Narration, Trimming/Splitting, Exporting, Green Screen
  1. Teacher Implementation and Planning: How and why will WeVideo be used to teach one of your objectives/standards?
  1. Application: Create project and assign to students within 2 weeks. Make it simple so students can learn the basics of WeVideo.  
  1. Great Idea: Spout Springs Ele uses Tech Elective to teach students digital skills...then all teachers benefit when assigning creative projects in their classrooms because students already know how to use the apps.
  2. Great Ideas #2: Use WeVideo Mobile App to upload media from your phone.
  3. WeVideo Project Ideas:
  1. Make a Commercial
  2. PSA videos
  3. Make a How-To Video (Science, Math, Writing, etc.)
  4. Book Trailer
  5. Screencast over Google Slides
  6. Science Lab, Testing and Results
  7. News Report
  8. School Broadcast
  1. Today’s Projects
  1. Video Project as a Student: “You’re An Animal!”
  2. Video Project as a Teacher
  1. Create content-specific project for your students to complete. Then create an example video.

Book Creator: Example Books!

  1. Summary: Create awesome digital books by combining text, images, audio, video, camera media and more!
  2. Objectives:
  1. Create Libraries and Invite Students
  2. Understand library privacy options
  3. Create books by using and understanding all editing tools
  4. Use Collaboration Features
  1. Project Ideas:
  1. Lab Reports
  2. Real World Uses of Math
  3. Foriegn Language - Restaurant Menu
  4. Literary Magazine
  5. Digital Portfolio
  6. Formative and Summative Assessments
  7. Digital Storytelling
  1. Today’s Projects
  1. Project as a Student
  1. “My Fave Letter” Book
  1. Follow along with Brian on this project.
  2. Use titles, subtitles, video, audio, photos, shapes, drawings, colored backgrounds, etc to tell your story.
  1. Project as a Teacher
  1. Create Library
  2. Come up with a student project that matches your content
  3. Create guidelines, and specifics that are required.
  4. Create an example book.

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