Coming up at Great Linford Primary School Summer Term 2017 – 2018

Dear Families,

Parental and child feedback requested more opportunities for trips, visits and visitors within our curriculum. We have planned these throughout the year and the feedback from Autumn term was excellent.  We try to keep costs to a minimum but please contribute otherwise we may not be able to continue to offer so many opportunities. Please remember if you are pupil premium you are entitled to these at half price so please ask Julie or Carol at the school office

Whole School  Individual Year Groups 

Key Contacts for bookings / queries

Carol Mallet (Family Champion) =

Alison Mackellar=

Julie Newton =

Please note these dates may change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances so check back regularly on our homepage school website for the most up to date list of events and times.


Summer 2

Who what where when

What do I need to do?

5th June

After school clubs start first week back 

Please book your child onto a club of their choice via school Gateway. Clubs run for 5 weeks (week commencing 5th June until Week commencing 2nd July)

5th June

Year 5 & 6  3.30pm Parent Meeting Sex Relationship & Education

Year 5 & 6 Families are invited to a Sex Relationship and Education meeting. This is to look at what your child will be learning and discussing in their SRE lessons. Parents are welcome to arrive via the main office at 3.30pm

6th June

EYFS Woburn Safari Trip

For detailed information, please refer to the email sent 20/3/18. Payment of £18.50 to cover the trip can be made payable on school gateway. Children will arrive at school and be collected at their normal times.  

7th June

Year 3 Caldecotte Residential Experience 

Payment of £91.00 and consent is to be made on our School Gateway. Please speak to our Family Champion Carol Mallett or Julie Newton if you have any concerns

11th June

School Nurse parent appointments 8.45-11.45am

Please speak to the school office, text /email on School gateway, tel 01908 605027 or book with Carol Mallet our Family Champion if you would like to book a half an hour appointment to talk in private with the school Nurse regarding any concerns, worries or question you have for your child

13th June

Year 3 Parent’s Assembly- Caldecotte presentation from the children at 9.15am  

This is a great opportunity for our Year 3 children to present to their families the children’s  experiences and achievements from their x2 day  Caldecotte Xperience.

14th June

New Sept EYFS Starters Information Meeting 9.30-10.00am or 5.30-6.30pm

New September 2018 cohort parents are invited to the Information meeting. This will help clarify any questions parents may have about their child’s transition to Primary School. Parent’s will receive an information pack in the post with the transition dates in July.  

15th June

EYFS Parent’s assembly - Woburn Safari presentation 9.15am

Parents are invited to watch their children’s presentations about their Woburn Safari trip experience. Please arrive via the main office entrance.

19th June

KS2 Sports Day (Years 3-6)  9.30-12.00pm

Please make your way to our school field. Ensure your child has a sun hat, extra drink and sun cream applied Weather permitted

20th June -

EYFS Sports Day 9.30-10.30am

As above  

20th June

Year 2 Music Festival Ridgeway Centre 10.00am-12.00pm

Year 2 children will travel via coach to Wolverton Ridgeway Music centre. Reply slips on the  Letters to Year 2 families sent out on 22/5/18 are to be completed & returned .

20th June

Choir Members 2PM- 7.45PM

Choir members will visit Ridgeway centre in Wolverton via coach. Parents can attend the evening concert which starts at 6.30pm £5 tickets on the door.

21st June

KS1 Sports day (Years 1 & 2) 9.30-10.30am

Parents are welcome to come and support their child  

29th June

Summer Fete 3.15-6pm

Invite all your Family & Friends to our summer Fete and browse among the stalls, sample the food and have some end of term family fun.

2nd July

Last week of After school activity clubs. Enjoy wrap around care will continue

After school activity clubs end on Friday 6th July. If you wish for your child to attend Enjoy after school wrap around care this can be booked on School Gateway at £4.00 an hour. Enjoy is open until 6.15pm 

2nd July

New Sept EYFs Starters Stay & Play 10.00-11.00am 

Transition day

New September 2018 cohort children are invited with their parents to their first Stay & Play transition day.  This will be an opportunity for our Sept EYFS Starters to explore the classroom & garden with the comfort of having their parents beside them whilst they grow with confidence. Children will get the chance to play, get messy & meet new children in their new surroundings.

4th July

Year 6 Moving Onto Secondary School interactive 1 hour session

Year 6 Transition Project M.O.U.S.E  presented by Bridgebuilder Trust will work with our Year 6 children giving good advice, Q&A time, encouraging pupils to build values, make good choices & a positive start at Secondary School. Parent permission is not required for your child to attend this session.  

4th July

Year 4 School trip to Kidzania London

Exciting indoor city run by kids. Please visit link

Children are to arrive at school at 8.30am ready for the coach to depart at 8.45am. The cost of the trip is payable on School Gateway £25.00

5th July

Year 6- Free watersports morning at Caldecotte Xperience

All the Year 6 children get to have a final bond & show teamwork (before their residential trip) with their year group by participating in fun and exciting water sports at Caldecotte. The children are to arrive at school at the normal time in their shorts, T-shirts, trainers or sensible footwear that they dont mind getting wet and a towel. Their uniform is to be packed to change back into after the water sports. The Children will be back at school for their lunch.

9th July

EYFS parents meeting about Year 1 Curriculum 3.30pm-4.15pm

Current EYFS Families are invited to the Curriculum tea. The focus of this meeting is to share with our EYFS families further information regarding their child's Year 1 Curriculum for the  September  transition. Families do not need to book, please just make your way to the office main reception area when you have collected your child. Children can then play in a supervised area whilst their families attend the meeting.    

10th July -13th July

Year 5 Caldecotte Residential trip

Year 5 Residential can be booked on school Gateway £218.00. For further information please ask Carol Mallett or Julie Newton.  

10th July

Year 6 Performance- Leavers Play to families 2pm & 6pm  

Year 6 will be performing to their families a wonderful Performance based on a West End Musical. Please can all children return back to school at 5.30pm in preparation for their 6pm show.

10th July

EYFS last Stay & Play 2-3pm

Current EYFS Families are invited to their last Stay & Play session with their child.

11th July

New Sept EYFS

Starters Stay & Play Without Parents 2.00-3.00pm 

This is an opportunity for our new Sept EYFS children to feel confident that they can stay & play independently without their parents. Parents will however only be a room away enjoying a cup of coffee and a chat with all our other new EYFS Families.  

13th July

Children’s school reports due to go out 

16th July

End of year Beach themed end of school Year Disco

Foundation, Year 1 & 2 disco is 3.45-4.45pm

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 disco is  5.00pm – 6.15pm. £2.00 pay on the door ice lolly and brioche roll included in the price.  Children can bring money as they are selling made up bags of sweets for  50p and crisps 30p

17th July

Year 6 2.15pm

Year 6 Leavers assembly

17th July

KS2 Super Soak day with Sgt Mac

  • 9.30-10.30am =YR 3
  • 10.30-11.30 = YR 4
  • 11.30-12.30PM = YR6 JD
  • 1.00- 2.00PM = YR6 6 TR
  • 2.00PM-3.00PM = YR5

Weather Permitted - Lets get wet & have fun in the Sun! Children in KS2 will have a slot during the day to have water fun/play outside. Please can children come to school in their uniforms with a change of water play clothes in a bag (shorts, Tshirts & change of shoes that you don't mind getting wet)    

18th July

KS1 & EYFS Super Soak day with Sgt Mac

  • 9.30- 10.30AM = YR1 RH
  • 10.30-11.30AM = YR1 SA
  • 11.30-12.30PM= YR2 LG
  • 1.00- 2.00PM = YR2 CF
  • 2.00-3.00PM= EYFS

Weather Permitted - Lets get wet & have fun in the Sun! Children in KS1 will have a slot during the day to have water fun/play outside. Please can children come to school in their uniforms with a change of water play clothes in a bag (shorts, Tshirts & change of shoes that you don't mind getting wet, Hat & suncream pre applied)  

18th July

New Sept EYFS Starters Stay & Play Picnic With Parents 2.00-3.00pm 

Our new Sept EYFS Children are invited to share a picnic (provided by the school) with their parents and new class friends.  

18th July - 20th July

Year 6 Residential at Kingswood Centre

x2 night/x3 day residential experience for the Year 6 children at the Kingswood Centre.  Parents can sign their child up on school gateway. Please ask Carol Mallet or Julie Newton for further information.    

19th July

Year 5 Caldecotte Assembly at  9.15am

Year 5 parents are invited to watch their children present their experience from their Caldecotte Year 5 trip.  

20th July

Non school uniform for house winners ‘GREEN HOUSE’  and Home learning Assembly at 9am to winner’s parents

The house winners will be invited to wear non school uniform to school.  

A text was sent to the winner’s parents.

20th July

EYFS, Years 1 & 2 Theatre visit to watch Dinosaur world live

Children booked on this Theatre trip will attend school at the normal time and will travel to Milton Keynes theatre via coach. All the children will then return back to school for lunch. Children are to wear their school uniforms and are welcome to bring a snack and drink.  Please book on school Gateway £14.00 a ticket limited spaces.