Northern Potter School District Occupational - Tax Form R

To Whom it May Concern:

I attest that I retired on ___________ and I ask that both my school occupational tax be abated to $0 for the ___________year and all subsequent tax years. Further, I attest that should I return to either part-time or full-time work I will notify the Tax Collector. This form must be returned or mailed to your respective Tax Collector by December 15 of the current tax year. Your Tax Collector address and contact information is located on your tax bill.

Each February for the current tax year the Northern Potter School Board of Directors will be presented with a List of Abatement requests to be approved.

________________________                                ___________________________

Applicant's Signature                                                Tax Collector's Signature at                                                                                 Approval Date

_______________________                                        ___________________________

Applicant's Twp or Borough                                        Date of Approval