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Assisting in a code / BLS
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Assisting in a code / BLS

For a code in the OR:

  1. Make sure there is an ambu bag in each room you are assigned to.
  2. When code is called, be available at bedside, bring crash cart if not already in the room.
  3. Inquire from the anesthesia provider as to what they require.
  4. Bring required equipment or supplies to the OR (may need vascular cart or airway cart)
  5. Provide anesthesia personnel with adequate space to work.
  6. Clean and restock the equipment utilized during the code after the situation is resolved.

For a code outside the OR:

  1.  Check the code bag each morning and make sure it is adequately stocked.  This should include a working handle, blades, ET tubes, CO2 monitor, tongue blades and stylets.
  2. When code is called, grab the code bag and report to the location of the code.
  3. Hand the anesthesia provider supplies from the bag as needed.
  4. Restock the code bag after the code is resolved if any equipment was utilized during the code.