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Of Time

Student Expectations

  • Remember Fri. Oct. 5 is the end of the 1st 9 weeks.
  • Turn in all assignments.
  • Please follow all school expectations.

Adult Commitments

  • Remind students to use their Bluebook.
  • Remind students of school expectations.
  • Reward students for appropriate behavior.

Please look for your lost items in  Lost & Found  which is located in the Teacher’s Workroom.

All items left on Fri. Oct. 5th will be donated to Sans Souci.

Northside Middle School went up to Carmel last Saturday for the State Championship meet. There were several great performances including 28 personal record times (out of 31 runners). The girls finished 4th in the Big School Varsity Race and the boys finished 5th! Way to go!

The Spartans went down to Muscatatuck State Park last night and defended their Tri County Championships for Cross Country. The girls scored 24 points (Jennings County 51, Central 56) Seymour did not compete this year.

Finishing in the Varsity Race:

1st Brianna Newell

2nd Jessica Meza Sanchez

3rd Sydney Morlok

8th Ellen White

10th Caylyn Pruitt

11th Sydney Lyons

13th Karla Maldonado

14th Ciera Romero

15th Layne Hoeflinger

23rd Micah Rutledge

Also doing a great job in their last XC meet of the season:

Mady Wickizer, Molly O'Conner, Abuaj Kuol, Chloe Hiatt

The boys won with 23 points to 32 for Jennings County and 80 for Central.

1st Jacob Strietelmeier

2nd Sam Hobbeheydar

5th Clayton Guthrie

6th Kellen Hottell

9th Pratt Badve

12th Blake Osbourne

13th John Merritt

17th Kyler Hashman

19th Ben Richards

22nd Charlie Smith

Also running great were:

Cole Ehara, Rylan Shaw, Isaac Proffitt, Dane Weinwapfel, Colby Lovins, Gabe Piper, Jason Torres, Mclain Clock