Mr. Cloutier Room 405 Class Rules-Class Questions-Solutions



Question About Grade or Missing GradeScreenshot 2017-08-10 18.09.43.jpg

Go to this address and fill out the form

Late Work Policy

On time = Full Credit

1 or 2 Days late = -25%

3 or 4 Days Late = -50%

5 or More days late = No Credit

Working in Google Doc and Classroom

All answers are to be in this color Purple and bold, unless you are told otherwise


When using Nearpod the two boxes Must have:

LastName, FirstName

Period ?

If it does not it, credit will not be given 

Going to miss class for a week for less than a week

You will need to see Mr Libutti and myself for make up work or check your Google Classroom account

Going to miss class for more than a week assignment

See Mr Libutti and myself at LEAST 3 days before you leave for a special assignment

Working on another assignment in class without permission

That assignment we be given a zero, and you can not make it up

Bathroom Pass

You may leave the class 1 time a trimester. I will keep track.



Screen capture on Chromebook