Team Name:  Incubation, Innovation, Training Center (Team 1)

Tactical Plan:

Team Vision: Mountain Desert Economic Partnership will have a network/system/center that provides the technical, academic, and innovation skills to enable students to meet the needs of local industry.

Team Strategy: Engage the entire COMMUNITY to identify and prioritize the skills and opportunities and create the conditions necessary for student success in the workforce. 

Tactic #2:  Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Develop a regional capability to innovate systematically and reliably in a way that addresses local needs to build the local economy in meaningful ways that capitalizes on our unique assets and includes growing and/or attracting new businesses.


Output Metric(s)

Short-term Outcome(s)

Short-term Outcome Metric(s)

Mid-term Outcome(s)

Mid-term Outcome Metric(s)

Long-term Outcome

Long-term Outcome Metric(s)

  • Define coworking space parameters, characteristics, etc.
  • Secure the physical location
  • Create membership and scholarship  structure to attract students, opportunity youth, entrepreneurs, and innovators.
  • Access/establish data about existing entrepreneurial/ innovative businesses (home-based or ones that are expanding/hiring)
  • Establish data about solutions, products, innovations that are being sought outside the HD region and # of HD residents commuting for those jobs
  • Establish data on resources and amenities that would make this area more desirable and improve quality of life. What environmental factors could be assets to attracting young people and “modern”, innovative businesses

  • Develop the outreach and communication messaging to deploy regionwide
  • Develop a budget and staffing plan and secure funding
  • Develop network of mentors

  • It’s defined.

  • Location secured.

  • Structure created.

  • Data on types of existing entrepreneurial businesses is established and analyzed

  • Data on solutions, products, innovations sought outside the HD region and # of HD residents commuting for those jobs established and analyzed
  • Data is established and analyzed

  • Outreach campaign developed

  • Financing and staffing secured.
  • 1 co-funded NextGen coworking space exists in the region.

  • Build incubation structure (mentoring, funding, resources, startup services, commercialization, bookkeeping, events, pitch-training, etc.) to support the coworking space.

  • Contracts/MOUs are in place between x# of partners to operate and fund the coworking space

  • Structure built.

  • X% increase of entrepreneurial/ innovative businesses that  are engaged in the network and have the potential to create jobs

  • Establish ecosystem of entrepreneurs (established and new companies)

  • x# of entrepreneurial/ innovative businesses have been created

  • x# of jobs created/filled

  • Representation for different roles of the ecosystem have been identified.

  • x% reduction in number of local residents commuting “down the hill”

  • x% increase in local completion of relevant higher education/training -the education factor (degree attainment, educational level, etc.)  


  • Adaptive Future Ready Students
  • x% increase in regional median income

Tactic #1:

Target Population

Expected Dates of Implementation


Services needed from the community

Who will benefit from this initiative?

The community at large

Start Date:

May 1, 2019

End Date:

November, 2020

How will you describe to the greater community what you are doing?

Creating jobs by expanding entrepreneurship and innovation.

Innovating the new high desert where all residents can

Inviting the community to co-create the solutions to our local economic challenges

Building commuters up the pass.

How can community partners engage this initiative? What are you looking for? How can existing resources in your community be aligned?

Ask the right questions to get the right people invested

Re-soliciting participation at upcoming August meeting

Engage elected officials

How did your A-Team engage members of the Target Population during the tactical planning process?

Received input from various stakeholders. Entrepreneurial Summit outreach.

Systemic Change Through Collective Impact

How does this change business as usual in our community?

How will this affect future generations?

How will this scale and be sustained?

Keeps businesses from being isolated and provides needed support.

It will change the way the community views struggling businesses and ways to assist them.

It will provide resources to fill gaps where they lack strength

It will help everyone look at entrepreneurs and innovators in a different light and better understand their value in the community

Provide a co-creating structure

More opportunities for successful self employment in the High Desert

Build innovation capability to meet local needs and to optimise local assets

By engaging as many entrepreneurs as possible and building a culture that fosters idea sharing, co- creation and collaboration. We are in this together!