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.22-23 Parent Resources Required Instruction
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Clay County District Schools

2022 - 2023 Required Instruction

OneClay Vision

Clay County District School will relentlessly pursue high-quality academic experiences for all students by:

  • Providing consistent opportunities to work on grade-appropriate assignments;
  • Providing strong instruction that lets students do most of the thinking in the lesson;
  • Cultivating a sense of deep engagement in what students are learning;
  • Holding high expectations for all students and instilling the belief that they can meet grade-level standards in all stakeholders.        

Content Focus (F.A.C. 6A-1.094124):

  • Mental and Emotional Health Education
  • Substance Use and Abuse Health Education
  • Child Trafficking Prevention Education

Grades K-5 Home Resources

These lessons are facilitated in each class by the school counselors.

Substance Abuse Prevention

The Power to Stay Safe

(Prevention of Human Trafficking)

Grades 6-12

These lessons are facilitated in each class by the teachers in a content area selected by the school administrator.

Gr 6-12 Mental Health Awareness Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12 Awareness of Resources Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12 Substance Abuse Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12 Coping Tools Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12  Stop the Stigma Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12 Prevention of Self-Harm Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12 You Can Help Resource Sheet

Gr 6-12 Prevention of Human Trafficking Resource Sheet




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