Northampton Archery Club

Sidney Cato Memorial  Series

The 2018 NAC outdoor Sidney Cato Memorial Series of shoots is dedicated to one of the founders of our Club and has special trophies awarded to winners.There are just four trophies - Senior Gents, Senior Ladies, Junior Gents and Junior Ladies. To achieve just four trophies the following will apply:


  1. In a given round an archer’s score is compared to the  Club record as of 19th May 2018 (the date of the first round), and the result calculated as a percentage. For example - in a National Round a gent recurve archer scores 530. The Club record is 571. His score for the purposes of the series is therefore 530/571 x 100 = 92.8%. In the same competition a longbow gent archer scores 350, beating the Club record of 331 and his score is therefore 350/331x100 = 105.74%. The longbow archer is therefore ahead of the recurve gent.
  2. The exception to the “Club record as of 19th May 2018 rule” is in circumstances where there is no record shown for the round/bow/gender/age category. In these cases the archer with the best score for that particular category on the day will receive 100% for the first round shot. This score will then be regarded as the Club record for the purposes of the series and further scores in later rounds will be calculated from this base score.
  3. Over the series of shoots we take the best two scores for each archer, add them together giving a total score; and end up with a league of winners regardless of bow types.
  4. Any bow type must be categorised according to one of the five bow types on the Club records (i.e. Recurve, Compound, Barebow, Longbow or Flatbow). If an archer shoots a different type of bow other than those on the NAC site (e.g. traditional recurve) the bow type will be categorised according to the one nearest in performance and description to those listed. Generally speaking  this would mean that if someone shoots wooden arrows with a traditional recurve (for example), it would be classed as Flatbow, whereas one shooting non-wooden arrows would be barebow.
  5. Only those shooting at the correct distance for their gender/age would qualify for the main trophies, although there may be separate awards for novices etc. who are  unable to shoot the longer distances.

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