AI and WS

A walkabout is a rite of passage for young aboriginal men in Outback of Australia.

In our modern city life in other countries, it’s been adapted:

For a Walkabout Solopreneur, we have to go even further and embrace technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Part of my journey is to reacquaint myself with much about blogging and Internet marketing, and to ferret out the income strategies that work today.  I don’t believe I am using AI properly to advance my WS life.

I think each WS needs a personalized algorithm for making a splash on the Internet.  Unique content.  Monetization.

Many IM gurus are coming up with content curation and even content generation software programs.  So far they are not too good, but they are getting better.  I don’t think we can be totally replaced as writers, but who knows?

We make our life and work decisions based on partial knowledge.  For me, I have to test the systems I see online to see what works now.  Also, I need to know if it will work for me.

Everyone writes that the money is in the list.


But email lists only work for marketers who don’t mind writing stupid emails and pounding their list until people unsubscribe.

I recently spent a day unsubscribing from hundreds of lists and newsletters going back 10 years.  I also deleted these emails from the archive.  If I did not read them years ago, how likely am I to read them now?

~ Chaz