Where I Am From

By Student 54392

Inspired by “where I’m from” by George Ella Lyon

I am from a loud TV.

From a comfortable, big bed and a black, soft, squeaky couch. I am from beans that grow in a pot that sits on my porch. I am from the sunflower that bloomed. The trees that surround my house.

I'm  from Easter that we celebrate together and camp every summer. From  my sister that bothers me all the time and my little sister that is funny.

I’m from my dad that yelles when he is happy and my mom playing on her phone all the time.

I’m from getting anger all the time.

I’m from my dad telling me to “eat all your dinner” and my mom saying “hop in the marshmallow” and the song “Alligator in the Elevator”.

I’m from “the last one there is a rotten egg”.

I’m from New Hampshire.

From pork chops and homemade mac and cheese.  

I’m from my sisters sliding down the stairs in pj.

From white shirt with purple writing on it.