Steps to download and sign into
Adobe Creative Cloud from Home:

  1. Go to the Adobe Creative Cloud sigin on the internet
  2. Sign in with a company or school account

    - school id number

    - school sign in password

  1. On the adobe creative cloud website, click find apps
  2. Download the adobe app you would like
  3. When the app downloads, it opens automatically then sign in with the same username and password as before

(Make sure to sign in with the company or school account  option)

View the Jeffco Instructions on how to login to Creative Cloud we used in class

Additional Notes:

It is important that students are logging in on any/all devices as Enterprise (Sign in with an Enterprise ID)

·         CHS/Jeffco Students Enterprise ID will always be:


-          Password (the password the student chose/setup the first time they authenticated to Adobe CC via Adobe Enterprise Sign In)


o   The Adobe Enterprise ID (Credentials: ID & Password) that students setup and are using do not sync with other Jeffco Systems such as Google, Microsoft AD, Campus, etc…

§  So, if a student chose a different password for their Adobe Enterprise ID, they will need to keep that in mind.