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‘Sport at Kavanagh College, Making Better People.’


  1.  Introduction                                                        P3                        
  2.  Key contacts                                                        P4                        
  3.  Philosophy on Sport                                                P5 - 6                        
  4.  Aims and goals                                                        P7                        
  5.  Registration process and fees                                        P8                        
  6.  Sports Council                                                        P9                        
  7.  Codes of conduct – player, parent, coach                        P10 - 12                
  8.  Equipment                                                                P13                        
  9.  Uniforms                                                                P14-15                
  10.  Tournaments / trips / games during school time                P16                        
  11.  Costs and the sports budget                                        P17                        
  12.  Funding grant applications / gym bookings                        P18                        
  13.  Policy on summer and winter code clashes                        P18                        
  14.  Sports awards                                                        P19                        
  15.  Key dates 2020                                                        P20


This booklet contains key information about Kavanagh Sport.  This includes the philosophy behind sport at Kavanagh College, our broad goals, and codes of conduct.

The booklet also contains important policies and procedures information around significant areas including registration, equipment, uniforms, tournaments and trips, risk management etc.

This booklet is intended to give an overview, and provide information about Kavanagh Sport to students, parents, managers, coaches and supporters; and to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

For further information, or to discuss anything in this booklet, please make contact with the Head of Sport.

Key contacts:

Kavanagh College

340 Rattray St

P.O.Box 737


(03) 4773408


Head of Sport- Michael MacKenzie                 mackenziem@kavanagh.school.nz

Sports Coordinator - Morgan Walker                mwalker@kavanagh.school.nz

TIC Year 7&8 Sport - Shaun Haig                        shaig@kavanagh.school.nz

Summer Sports (Term 1 and 4)

Cheerleading- Morgan Walker                        mwalker@kavanagh.school.nz

Cricket  - Michael Mackenzie                        mackenziem@kavanagh.school.nz

Futsal - Emily Stevens                                estevens@kavanagh.school.nz

Handball-Jean Allibone                                jallibone@kavanagh.school.nz        

Tennis - Michael Mackenzie                        mackenziem@kavanagh.school.nz

Rowing - Tricia James                                tjames@kavanagh.school.nz 

Touch - Tim Lucas                                        tlucas@kavanagh.school.nz 

Volleyball - Ant Harris                                 harrisa@kavanagh.school.nz

Waterpolo - Jean Allibone                                jallibone@kavanagh.school.nz 

Winter Sports (Term 2 and 3)

Badminton Boys - Dave Dougherty                doughertyd@kavanagh.school.nz

Badminton Girls - Chris Pickles                         cpickles@kavanagh.school.nz 

Basketball -  Michael MacKenzie                        mackenziem@kavanagh.school.nz

Curling - Lawrence Bishop                                lbishop@kavanagh.school.nz 

Curling-Jill Armstrong                                jarmstrong@kavanagh.school.nz        Football Boys - Ian Adamson                        iadamson@kavanagh.school.nz

Football Girls - Iris Bugarski                         ibugarski@kavanagh.school.nz 

Hockey - Brent Ford                                        bford@kavanagh.school.nz

Netball - Morgan Walker                                mwalker@kavanagh.school.nz        

Rugby Boys/Girls - Morgan Walker                mwalker@kavanagh.school.nz

For all other sports contact the HOD Sport (Michael Mackenzie), or the TIC Year 7&8 Sport (Shaun Haig).

Kavanagh College

Philosophy on Sport

At Kavanagh College we believe that sport is an excellent vehicle to deliver and reinforce the College’s core values – Respect, Service, Justice and Truth.  The sporting culture of Kavanagh College should be based on, and reflect, these core values.

Kavanagh College believes that sport is an important part of our student’s holistic education and development.  Sport is one component of the Kavanagh College experience alongside special character, academic, cultural, pastoral and social activities.

We aim to promote active participation in sport, and provide opportunities for students to excel in sport.

We believe that young people who participate in structured sport at a level appropriate to them will develop skills and become better students, employees and citizens.

‘Sport at Kavanagh, Making Better People’

In Practice we aim for our philosophy

to look like

‘Sport at Kavanagh, Making Better People’

The Broad Aims / Goals

of Kavanagh Sport are:

  1. To promote a high level of participation in sporting opportunities.

  1. To provide well organised and managed opportunities in sport.

  1. To develop competitive and high achieving teams where appropriate.

  1. To support high achieving individuals reach their goals in sport.

  1. For Kavanagh College to be seen as having a positive sporting culture, by those within and outside the school environment.

Registration and Fees Process:


The general policy is that students need to be registered, and their registration fee paid, before they are able to play in a team. 

 This is not straight forward, but it is what we work towards.

The registration process occurs:

At the start of Term 1 for Term 1 Summer Sports.

During the second half of Term 1 for Winter Sports.

At the end of Term 3 / start of Term 4 for Term 4 Summer Sports.

We now do all Year 7-13 Sports registrations online. The sports department email all students a google form which has all the sports information on it about days played, cost, venue, uniform and you are asked to submit personal health information on this form too. It is important that any medication/health issues are filled in correctly. This information is only seen by the Sports department and the TIC‘s.

These forms are to be completed with the permission of parents and caregivers. These forms are sent out with plenty of time for students to get registered. Once students are registered they are required to pay the fees either online or to the Bursar's office then the TIC of each sport will place each student into the appropriate team before the competition starts.

The registration forms are also on the Kavanagh College website under Sport.

Registration is advertised in the school newsletter, in the daily notices, and on the Kavanagh Sport website and Facebook page.


In general sport at Kavanagh is user pays.

A registration fee is calculated for each sport.  It generally covers:

The cost of the team entry fee into the team’s competition

A $5 per player equipment subsidy

As above the general policy is that registration fees need to be paid before a student is able to play in a team.  However, we also work to the philosophy that finance shouldn’t be a barrier to a student’s participation in sport.

Financial help is available for registration fees, and in some cases equipment, via the Sporting Chance programme which is administered by Sport Otago.  Parents are encouraged to make contact with the College’s Guidance Counsellor to access this.

Liz Cameron


03 477-3408 ext 245

Non-payment, and decisions around non-payment of registration fees, is followed up by TIC’s, the Sports Coordinator, and the TIC Sport.  

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Player Code of Conduct

Kavanagh College’s core values of respect, service, justice and truth lie at the core of the Player Code of Conduct.  

Enjoyment is at the heart of Kavanagh College Sport.


The exhibited behaviour(s) expected from a player are:

C:\Users\waterworthm\Downloads\Kavanagh Sport.jpg

Parent / Supporter Code of Conduct

Kavanagh College’s core values of respect, service, justice and truth lie at the core of the Parent / Supporter Code of Conduct.  

Enjoyment is at the heart of Kavanagh College Sport.

The exhibited behaviour(s) expected from a parent / supporter are:

Respecting official’s decisions

Providing positive, supportive and motivating comments

Not using derogatory, bad, rude or abusive language

Not showing anger or aggression

Not drinking alcohol at a sports venue

Keeping sports venues smoke-free

C:\Users\waterworthm\Downloads\Kavanagh Sport.jpg

Coach / Manager Code of Conduct

Kavanagh College’s core values of respect, service, justice and truth lie at the core of the Coach Code of Conduct.  

Enjoyment is at the heart of Kavanagh College Sport.

The exhibited behaviour(s) expected from a coach / manager are:


The school will provide and pay for the basic equipment needed for all sports teams.  This typically includes practice balls / equipment, a match ball, training bibs, cones, gear bag etc.

The TIC of Sport must approve the buying of this equipment.  Requests for new equipment need to be made to the TIC of the code, or directly to the Head of  Sport.

The College will attempt to meet all reasonable equipment needs.  However requests that are considered over and above basic equipment, or are not manageable from within the Sports Budget, may not be able to be approved.  In this case codes and teams have the option of funding extra equipment themselves – from fundraising, sponsorship etc.

Kavanagh College has an agreement with the Otago Sports Depot where we will purchase all equipment (that they are able to provide) from them.  All equipment requests will go to the Otago Sports Depot, and should be made by the TIC Sport.   


TIC’s, coaches, managers, parents and players all need to take responsibility for ensuring that teams and individuals are wearing the correct uniform items.  

Playing Uniforms:

The correct playing uniform items for each sport and team are clearly identified on the respective registration form.

Senior A teams are provided with a playing uniform.  These are funded by the College and replaced on a three year cycle, or as required.

For teams below Senior A level, in most cases players provide their own playing uniform, which is purchased from the bursar’s office.  Where possible codes or teams use Physical Education uniform top and shorts to reduce the cost involved.  

In some cases codes are providing uniforms to teams below Senior A level.  In this case the code is self-funding these uniforms from their own sources of funding.

Warm-up tops and senior social team tops:

We now have new warm up tops available for purchase for all teams wanting team warm up tops for tournament and for any coaches, managers, staff, parents and students to purchase. Also available for Purchase are Kavanagh College wet weather Jackets which students in Winter teams travelling are encouraged to purchase.

These can be seen at the school office and orders made at the Bursar's office(Please be aware they are ordered in so is about a 2 week turnaround).

  1. Merino ½ Zip top with Kavanagh Logo.                                                Kids Sizes (Size 4-14)                $80.00

        Adults Sizes (Size Small-5XL)        $95.00

  1. Long Sleeve Poly Tee with Kavanagh Logo                                                Kids Sizes                                $25.00                                        Adults Sizes                                $30.00
  2. Short Sleeve Poly Tee with Kavanagh Logo                                                Kids Sizes                                $25.00

                Adults Sizes                                $25.00


We no longer supply tracksuits to teams, these will be designed and introduced for personal purchase in 2020.

Kavanagh Sport Hoodie:

All students are able to purchase their own Kavanagh College Sports Hoodie for their own use.  This is a specially designed Hoodie in Kavanagh colours with the Kavanagh logo on it.  Students can choose to have their sport printed on the front and their surname printed on the back.  Order forms with full instructions are available from the Sports Office.

  This is the only Hoodie option permitted for all teams and individuals.


Codes and teams are encouraged to adopt the Kavanagh Sport Hoodie and encourage team members to purchase one.

Coach Jackets:

The College has a supply of coach jackets for the use of coaches, managers etc.  We would like as many coaches, managers etc as possible to wear one of these.  

Contact the Sports Coordinator to arrange to get one.

Tournaments / trips / games during school time:

The annual sports tournaments / interchanges are:

There are many further opportunities for sports teams to attend tournaments or go on trips, particularly during the New Zealand Secondary Schools Tournament Weeks.  

Teams that are considering going to a tournament or on a trip must communicate with the Sports Coordinator as early in the year / season as possible.  Significant forward planning and organisation is required to take a team to a tournament or on a trip.  This includes initial approval from school management, budgeting, communication with students and parents, planning and organisation, potentially fundraising, completion of risk management documentation and final approval.

The policy of the school is that teams travelling to a tournament or on a trip should be accompanied by a school staff member.

All tournaments and trips must be self-funding.  The organisation process requires a budget to be approved by the Bursar’s office.

All trips require filling in of the College risk management forms and a RAM’s / SAP.  Communicate with the Sports Co-ordinator for help with this.

On occasions teams are sometimes asked to play a one off game during school time, or to leave school early in order to play a game.  In this case, communicate with the Sports Coordinator as soon as possible.  School management must approve this before anything is agreed or organised.

The Sports Budget:

The College provides a budget for the management of sport.

This is used for:


Interchange costs

Affiliation fees (OSSSA / NZSSSA etc)

School Athletic Sports / Swimming Sports / Cross Country costs

Sports awards and recognition

Coach thank-you and recognition

First aid supplies

Senior A team uniforms (3 year cycle)

Coaches jackets

Staff relief costs

The sports budget is managed by the Head of Sport.  

Contact the Head of Sport if you have any questions about the sports budget.

Funding grant applications:

Codes and teams are welcome and encouraged to apply for funding grants.

If you are planning to do this communicate with the TIC Sport.  This is important so that we can monitor who is applying to where.  The application will require several documents and information from the school.

Gym bookings:

Gym bookings are managed by the Head of Sports Coordinator.

 Contact the Head of Sports Coordinator to request a gym booking. mackenziem@kavanagh.school.nz

For the winter season gym booking requests will be asked for in the second half of Term 1.  There is always more requests for after-school time than can be met.  The Sports Coordinator and TIC Sport will work through the requests, and inform codes and teams what gym time they can have by the end of Term 1.

Note that ‘one off’ gym bookings outside of normal school hours are difficult to accommodate.

Policy on summer and winter code clashes:

There are often clashes between summer and winter codes, especially in

Term 1 when summer codes are still playing, and winter codes are preparing for their season.

During Term 1 the summer codes take priority in the case of a clash.  

Sports awards:

The College holds Sports Awards ceremonies in Term 4 for each level – Senior, Junior, and Year 7&8.

The following awards are presented at the Senior Sports Awards :

Outstanding Contribution Award

Excellence Award

Kavanagh College Blue Award

Principal’s Trophy for Student Coach of the Year.

Gallaher Family Trophy for Team of the Year.

The McLaughlan Trophy

Bishop Len Boyle Trophy for Senior Sportsperson of the Year.

Various MVP awards

The following awards are presented at the Junior Sports Awards:

Outstanding Contribution Award

Sporting Excellence Award

Principal’s Trophy for Intermediate Sportsperson of the Year.

The following awards are presented at the Year 7&8 Sports Awards:

Sporting Excellence Award

Principal’s Trophy for Junior Sportsperson of the Year.

There are criteria for each award.

TIC’s, coaches, managers and parents will be asked to make nominations.  It is important that nominations are completed, are accurate, and are forwarded on time.

Several codes also run their own code prize givings, and teams are encouraged to organise end of season break-ups.

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Kavanagh Sport Dates 2020

Term 1:

Summer Sports Registrations (done online)                        Thursday 6th February

OSSSA Wanaka Triathlon                                        Thursday 13th February

Kavanagh College Athletic Sports                                Monday 17th February

Reserve Day Athletics                                        Monday 24th February

Year 12 Retreat                                                Monday 2nd - Tuesday 3rd March

PE Bike Trip                                                Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th March

SISS Mainland Volleyball Championships                        Friday 6th - Sunday 8th March

Winter Sports Registrations (done online)                        Wednesday 12th March

Otago Secondary School Athletics                                Friday 13th - Saturday 14th March

SISS Rowing Championships                                        Friday 13th - Sunday 15th March

SISS Touch Championships                                        Saturday 28th - Monday 30th March

SISS Waterpolo                                                Sunday 29th March - Wednesday 1st April

Summer Tournament Week                                        Monday 30th March  - Friday 3rd April

SISS Satellite Volleyball Championships                                Tuesday 31st March - Friday 3rd April

NZSS Basketball 3x3 Tournament                                Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th April

SISS Athletics Championships                                        Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th April

South Island Secondary School Athletics                        Saturday 4th April

Catholic Schools Senior Sports Tournament in Gore                Sunday 5th - Monday 6th April

Summer Sports Badges presentation                                March – April

Term 2:

Logan Park Road Race                                        Tuesday 5th of May

Kavanagh College Cross Country Sports                                Friday 8th May

Caversham Relay                                                Thursday 21st May

Milton Relay                                                Wednesday 27th May

Southern Catholic Schools Junior Sports Tournament                Wednesday 3rd June

Otago Cross Country Champs at KVC -Yr9-13                        Thursday 4th June

Otago Secondary Schools Netball Tournament                        Sunday 7th - Monday 8th June

New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country                        Saturday 20th June

*Year 7&8 Taieri Sports Interchange                        

Dunedin Coeducational Schools Sports Tournament                Thursday 25th June

Junior SISS Netball Tournament in CHCH                        Monday 6th - Thursday 9th July                        

Term 3:

Kavanagh Day                                                Friday 14th August

Winter Tournament Week                                        Sunday 30th August - Saturday 5th September

NZSS Football Boys Tournament in CHCH                        Monday 31st August - Thursday 3rd September 

NZSS Football Boys & Girls Tournament                                Monday 31st August - Thursday 3rd September

SISS Hockey Mixed Tournament                                Monday  31st August - Thursday 4th September

NZSS Basketball Schick AA/A Tournament                        Wednesday 2nd - 5th September

Get to Go-Dunedin                                                Friday 11th September

Kavanagh College Swimming Sports                                  Friday 25th September

*NZ Secondary Schools Tournament Week                        30th August - Sept 4

*Year 7&8 Mt Aspiring Sports Interchange                        TBC

*Term 4 Sport Registrations                                        TBC

Term 4:

Coach recognition and thank-you                                October/November

Kavanagh College Year 11 - 13 Sports Awards                        Wednesday 21st October

Kavanagh College Year 9&10 Sports Awards                        Wednesday 11th November

SISS Junior Volleyball Championships                                Tuesday 24th - Thursday 26th November

SISS Junior Waterpolo Tournament                                Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th November

*OSSSA Junior Sports Week                                        16-20 November

*Kavanagh College Year 7&8 Sports Awards                        TBC

National Athletics in Tauranga                                Friday 4th - Sunday 6th December